[Worlds Finals Media Day] iG Rookie: "I want to have a skin that sells well. Since LeBlanc, Irelia, and Akali are fancy so I probably would pick from them."

The Media Day for the Grand Finals was held on the day at LoL Park in Seoul. The players of Invictus Gaming had a time answering questions from the media.

You reached the finals. How are the iG fans in China reacting?

Baolan: We’ve heard a lot of good comments from the fans. But I think the most important thing as a player is getting good results.

(To Coach Kim) It’s your second Worlds finals after 2016. Does it feel different?

: I’m equally determined in 2016 and 2018. I’ll prepare the same, and it’s the same big stage, and I’m equally happy. It doesn’t feel much different.

iG had been underrated, but now you’re China’s hope. Do you feel pressured?

: EDG and RNG are popular in the LPL, so there was a lot of expectations for them. It was the same worldwide. Actually, RNG was doing really well over the whole year, but they were eliminated. After that, iG started to draw attention. I think the sudden pressure brought us here. I want to enjoy that pressure.

Fnatic has a good flow. Who do you think is the most dangerous?

Kim: We all watched the VOD of Fnatic matches together, and we spoke with each other on individual players’ plays. We don’t feel that we need to prepare for each player; they kind of feel like kt. We’re practicing towards that.

Broxah is a very aggressive jungler. How do you plan to play against him?

: I’ll just play as usual.

Both teams have a sub top laner. It seems that a lot needs to be prepared at top.

: Bwipo seems to have a smaller champion pool than I do, so I’m comfortable preparing for the matchup.

Many people are focusing on the mid lane matchup. How determined are you?

Rookie: I feel pressured since we’re getting more attention. Caps is also drawing a lot of attention, and I personally think he’s good. I don’t think I need to prepare to play against him too much; I just need to bring up my prowess as much as I can. If I do, I think I’ll be able to go ahead. Rather than being pressured, I think it’ll be fun. If I don’t think of the pressure while I play, I’ll feel more comfortable.

What score do you predict for the finals?

: What we predicted was that it wouldn’t be easy. I think it’ll be 3-2. The important thing is we’re a team that doesn’t fall behind in draft and we don't lack in mechanics. If we can manage our mentality well and take it to the end, I think we can win it.


(To Duke) If you win this, it’s the second time you’re winning the World Championship. How do you feel?

: Personally, I think that my career is nearing an end, so I really want to win this time.


(To Rookie) You had said that your goal was getting to the semifinals, but you’re in the finals now.

: I really didn’t think of getting to the finals, and I thought getting to the semifinals would be also really difficult. Now that I’m here, I don’t think it was that difficult. However, I know that the finals will be the most difficult match up to now.

When I speak about winning the championship too much, I usually lose, so I don’t want to say too much until I actually win.

If you win the championship, which skins do you want to make?

TheShy: Since Riven is a symbolic champion for me, I want her.

Duke: I wanted Gnar, but CuVee took it. So I haven't thought about it yet.

Ning: I'm thinking of two; it's going to be either Camille or Kayn.

Rookie: I want to have a skin that sells well. Since LeBlanc, Irelia, and Akali are fancy so I probably would pick from them.

JackeyLove: Draven.

Baolan: I think Rakan would be good.

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