SKT T1 Bang Pledges to do a Xayah/Rakan Cosplay With Sneaky if he Goes to the All-Stars Event

On the 24th of October (KST), Bang pledged on-stream that he would do a Xayah/Rakan cosplay with Sneaky if he goes to the All-Stars event in Las Vegas. As the voting will be ending soon, several players started to appeal to the public to vote for them.

The rules involved in selecting the players who get to go to All-Stars have changed. Only two players per region will be invited to the event, so naturally, the competition between players becomes more intense.

Bang turned on his stream and pledged that he would be doing a Xayah/Rakan cosplay with Sneaky (if Sneaky agrees) if he's elected to go to the event. As it was a pledge done playfully on his stream, it isn't sure whether he will keep his promise, but many fans are eager to see what will happen.

Bang said that if he is selected, he promises to:

1. Do an IRL stream of Las Vegas
2. Do a Xayah/Rakan cosplay with Sneaky if he agrees
3. Bring Bengi (the Casino God) with him to Vegas

Meanwhile, Riot Games announced the mid-tally for the LCK where Faker was dominantly placed at 1st place with 35.4%, and Bang 2nd at 7.8%. Following Faker and Bang, Mata, Peanut, and Deft followed with 7.4%, 6.9%, 6.7% respectively. Voting for the all-stars will close on the 24th at 10 AM (PT).

▲ Image from League of Legends KR official Facebook. (Oct 22, 2018)

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    level 1 MiacrisM


    Hi! Just a question: Is it

    Only two players per region will be invited to the event


    Only two players per team will be candidates for the LCK representative?

    thanks :)

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      level 1 Joao_Gundersen


      Two players per region. You can choose same team and role, but only two players.

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