[Cartoon] “WE ARE… LCS” NA and EU Take Over Worlds Semifinals


Today’s cartoon is about the current situation at the League of Legends World Championship 2018 after the quarterfinals and the unbelievable prowess of the NA and EU LCS.

Already, Worlds is heading from Busan to Gwangju for the semifinals. The quarterfinals were full of upsets. The downfall of the LCK teams, who were completely eliminated in the quarterfinals, especially shocked all League of Legends fans around the world. The other favorites from LPL also only have one team left in the semifinals. The high expectations from before Worlds are now quite low.

As shadows loom over Asia, the west started to see a light, with the NA and EU LCS filling in three of the four slots at the semis. NA, who has never been able to win at the quarterfinals, finally took their first step in the semifinals. That first step was taken by Cloud9, who has made it to Worlds for 6 straight years. C9 is also showing very promising performance; many fans are eager to see what NA can accomplish this year.

EU is sunnier than ever, with two teams in the top 4. G2 succeeded in getting through the group stage for the first time in the organization’s history, and Fnatic also reached the semifinals for the first time since 2015. It’s quite obvious that fans have high expectations for G2, who has won the EU LCS championship for four straight seasons, and for Fnatic, the returning legend of the first ever Worlds.

No-one, with the exception of perhaps that one very hopeful NA/EU fan that got all the Pick’em’s right, predicted NA and EU’s success. Although there are many disappointed fans, it is a time for the regions that always tried new metas to claim the spotlight. Leaving all regrets behind with our own Pick’em’s, League of Legends fans are waiting eagerly for the semifinal clash at Gwangju.

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