TSM Signs Zikz as New Head Coach

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On the 21st of October, TSM announced that they signed Tony “Zikz” Gray as their new head coach.

Before joining TSM, Zikz was the head coach of Counter Logic Gaming (CLG). He had been affiliated with CLG since 2014, starting as an analyst and stepping up as the head coach in 2015. As the head coach of the organization, he led the team to win the NA LCS championships twice and led the team to Worlds twice as well.

Despite his dedication to the team, CLG started to struggle in 2018 as they finished 7th in the Spring split, and went through a long losing streak in the Summer split. Eventually, Zikz stepped down from CLG’s head coach.

After parting ways with CLG, no one thought that Zikz would stay in the wild for long. As TSM struggled through the past two splits and failed to reach Worlds, they parted ways with Kim “SSONG” Sang-soo. With the head coach slot empty, and with TSM in search of a new head coach, Zikz and TSM came into contact with one another.

TSM proudly announced their new signing on their homepage:

We're extremely excited to announce today that Tony 'Zikzlol' Gray has signed on to join TSM's League of Legends lineup as our newest head coach!

Zikz is joining us after a long tenure on CLG, during which he witnessed many of the biggest events in North American LCS history. He has overseen rosters with star players and rookies, and played a part in some of the region's most memorable victories (both domestic and international). His many years in the LCS have given him an extremely deep strategic understanding of League of Legends, and we're extremely fortunate to have someone with such an extensive resume on board! We hope our fans are excited about this, and wish for all of you to join us in welcoming him to the team!


Although it is unknown if TSM will make any further changes to their team, many fans are eager to see what changes this new head coach would bring to the NA LCS stronghold for the upcoming season.


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