[KR Reactions] 2018 League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals Day 1

KT vs. IG and G2 vs. RNG

[Game 1]

"Better Faker" Rookie >>> "Post Faker" Ucal

I know that Urgot is a good champion, but the Korean teams only consider looking for ways to counter him instead of banning him or straight up picking him. It's so frustrating. 

LCK without SKT is weak?
ㄴHere comes the SKT fans.
ㄴThey couldn't even make it this year, lmao.

Sigh, if SKT played, even at their worst, they would've at least made Finals.
ㄴI guess they were even worse than that seeing how they couldn't even qualify for the tournament. 

High chance we'll see an LPL vs. LPL Finals here in Korea, lol.

[Game 2]

-Stupid, stupid meme that KT fans created... (That KT always chokes with expectations.)
They just suck. KT fans created that meme to make their team look fun and interesting.

-"How disappointing, Ucal."
ㄴ"That's not how you play Galio."
ㄴI miss you, Faker...
ㄴThe hype surrounding KT and Ucal died with this single series, lmao.


[Game 3]



-Smeb's decision-making was on point. I thought my heart was going to stop. 
ㄴI'm an SKT fan, but I still ended up cheering for KT. I'm so confused. 
ㄴThe observer was amazing. He made the scene look like a movie LOL.
ㄴI think the observer knows how to play League lol. He's doing it so well that my balls are shaking from the excitement. 

-The best game of the best Worlds by far. The Nexus race at the end was truly something else.

-I cried. Will this be the turning point for KT to reverse sweep?

-I thought KT was going to lose until the very end, lol. Before caster Jun shouted, "KT won!" To the LCK fans: this is how a KT fan feels 24/7. Join us, now.

[Game 4]


-Look at the Aatrox not doing anything in that 2 vs. 1. 
ㄴ2016 Smeb is back~
ㄴHe was trying to give the kill over to Camille, right?
ㄴHe was disarmed by the Irelia. 
ㄴDo you even play this game? How would he auto attack after being disarmed?

-Haha, what's up with Score's Bodyslam and Ning's Hookshot?
ㄴTwo idiots. 
ㄴBoth junglers messed up on their signature picks, lmao.

-Subbing out TheShy was the best thing to happen for KT.

-This is Korea! 
ㄴInvesting in KT Coins was definitely the right move. Look at the inflation!
ㄴScore's decision-making is insane.

-Rookie's tears have charged to 90%.
ㄴThis is LCK's 1st seed.

[Game 5]

-LeBlanc didn't buy her starting items. 
ㄴRookie, after all this time, finally declaring his true nationality.
ㄴRookie must be nervous lol.
ㄴRookie must've had a mental boom.

[KT is eliminated from the tournament]

-LOL, so where is your "Bane of LPL," now? 
ㄴDon't even compare this team to Faker.
ㄴWhy did they play Swain? I really don't understand.

-Good work KT! All we have left is now Afreeca... Good luck!

-The future that Faker predicted. It's giving me the chills...

-KT, after using up all of their luck in game 3, gets eliminated...

-I miss the days where SKT swept everyone... I guess in truth, SKT was the only team that completely annihilated the Chinese teams.
ㄴThose were the days when the LCK fans watched international games in peace and without worry. 
ㄴIn a tiger's cave in which the tiger left, foxes played a game of "who's the best." After stepping out of the cave, the foxes were eaten alive by lions.

▲ The most comedic thing that happened in Worlds 2018. 
The saddest reality: our last hope is Afreeca Freecs.

-This is how Ucal's dream of following in Faker's footsteps end. 

-Hey, don't worry, Fnatic will win Worlds for us. 

-Rookie used to be mentioned as the "Inferior Faker." Now he's the "Better Faker..."

-Koreans are still good at this game. It just happens that LCK sucks.
ㄴTheShy was trying his real best to show the fans that he's a Korean in the end there. 

▲This is all due to Watch's cursed hands during the group draw. 

-???: "Hey, Deft is the ADC bully that can put a stop to Uzi!"

[G2 vs. RNG Reactions]

-Lmao, I heard that Perkz cried when G2's roster was rebuilt earlier this season. Can someone tell me why?
ㄴBecause he was super happy you idiot, LOL.
ㄴWouldn't you be happy too?
ㄴWhen a man becomes too happy, he sometimes cries. 
ㄴYou insane lads are savage. 


[Hjarnan survives with 1 HP]

ㄴThe Heavens have selected EU this year. 

The three who were "too soon."

Longzhu sensei had taught us before that we should not become excited too soon. 

A Korean commentator explaining G2's playstyle.
ㄴWhat is this some kind of Pence Rule? Lmao.
ㄴHow the hell did they win ignoring all of that? LOL
ㄴLCS is this entertaining? Time for me to begin watching it.
ㄴHow can a team win ignoring all of that? I call BS.
ㄴFnatic actually won though.
ㄴHow can you ignore the enemy team removing vision around Baron LOL.
ㄴThe "Ignore" tactic.

▲ Meanwhile, Wadid in a Korean League community...
▲ RNG after drawing G2

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    level 1 Mussi

    Vs fnatic its more like caps stomped lane and rekkles stomped late game teamfights

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    level 1 Ronsou

    Hmmm waiting to see reaction of C9 vs Afreeca

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