PVB Head Coach Ren: "Most of the teams in this Worlds play slow in the early game. I think that us and FW are the only teams that play fast and aggressive early."

On the 11th of October (KST) Phong Vũ Buffalo (PVB) defeated G2 in the 2018 Worlds Group Stage day 2. G2, a team that defeated Afreeca Freecs yesterday, had a hard time going against PVB. Like the experts predicted, PVB constantly engaged for skirmishes and teamfights. This Vietnamese team, formally known as 'Young Generation', seemed to clearly know how to use their strengths.

After the match, we got to meet former player and current head coach of PVB, Ren for an after game interview.

The following is the interview with PVB head coach, Ren.

PVB defeated G2, a team that defeated Afreeca Freecs yesterday. Were you confident on winning G2 today?

Actually, we were very confident that we can win G2. After the first day, we discovered that we had to focus more on adjusting to the tournament in general. However, once we made our adjustments, we knew that we had a high chance of winning G2.


What did you prepare before going into today's game?
Most importantly, I thought that we had to focus on being ourselves again before doing anything else.


The Vietnamese teams, including PVB, are known for their highly aggressive plays. Do you think PVB's aggressiveness will help the team play well in the current Worlds meta?

Well... Most of the teams in this Worlds play slow in the early game. I personally think that there are only 2 teams that play fast and aggressive early: us and Flash Wolves. I'll have to simply try my best to bring in the Vietnam play style in this Worlds.


Before becoming a coach, you were a pro player playing for Young Generation. After shifting to a coach, what did you try to bring into PVB?

When I was playing as the top laner of Young Generation, I had a lot more duties compared to just being a coach. I had to not only play well but also I had to take care of my teammates. After becoming a coach, I was able to only focus on coaching my team; I had more time to prepare. Also, I knew every player very well which was a big advantage for me. A lot of the players and the staff are the same compared to my times at Young Generation which is a big help for me as well. I'd have to say PVB is stronger now compared to my times at Young Generation.


How do you think your team will perform in your future Groups schedule?

We'll keep on playing well using our aggressive playstyle. If we can succeed, I think we'll do well in our group.


Do you have any last words for your global fans?

First of all, I want to give a word about the rumor on winning Korean and Chinese teams in practice; it is not true. (laughs) I want to thank everyone that has been supporting us. I'll try my best to bring in the Vietnamese playstyle in this Worlds.

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