KT Score on the First Pick Xayah: "Deft had a lot of confidence on playing Xayah."

On the 10th of October (KST), kt Rolster (KT) defeated Team Liquid (TL) in the 2018 Worlds Group Stage game 1. The NA first-seed team, TL did play well early against this LCK representative by earning first-blood in bottom lane. They soon slew the next three drakes (1 Ocean / 2 Infernals). However, after KT Ucal’s Syndra solo-killed Pobelter’s Ryze in mid lane, things started to go favorably for KT. After winning a few skirmishes, KT won a huge teamfight near the Drake pit and went straight for the Baron. With KT split pushing through top and bot lane, KT started to make this a one-sided game.

After the match, KT Score was interviewed by Riot Games.


How was today’s match?

I thought that the opening game would be the most important and I feel happy that we’ve won.


Although the team could’ve picked some OP champions such as Urgot, Aatrox, and Kai’Sa, they went with Xayah for the first pick of the draft. Why?

We thought that there were a lot of top lane OP champions, so we didn’t need to pick a top champion first. Also, Deft had a lot of confidence on playing Xayah, so I think our coaching staff told us to pick her first.


Does this mean that KT thinks Xayah is a good pick in team games?

Yes. We do think Xayah is a good pick based on how the team plays on her.


KT managed to get the advantage from Ucal’s solo-kill. He also said that he wanted to let Score win championships. Do you have anything to say to Ucal?

Before the match, he seemed really confident. Well, I’d like to tell him (points at the camera), “Don’t be over-confident! Play well I tell you!”


5 of the KT players made it to the Riot power rankings. How do you feel about this?

All of us have a high reputation, and we’re individually concrete players. We’ll try our best to meet the expectations and get to the finals to lift the Worlds trophy.

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