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League of Legends

Riot Games released a brand-new video; Doublelift: Unstoppable




Riot Games released Doublelift's story as part of their It's On video series.

Doublelift's story joins other It's On video shorts that depict real stories from the Rift with real league players and streamers like SoloRenektonOnly, Lilypichu, and sleightlymusical. This video features the song "You Say Run" of My Hero Academica fame. Team Liquid also posted as teaser where Doublelift reacts to his animated video for the first time.

Riot will be sharing more League of Legends player stories in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

The Riot staff members behind It's On shared their thoughts on Doublelift's story and the series:

“We source thrilling, true stories from actual League of Legends players, and bring them to life through animation,” said Dan Maxwell, Creative Director - North America at Riot Games. “Taking a page out of traditional sports advertising, the It's On animated spots dive into the epic moments and emotional highs and lows players experience at every level of the game.”

“We’re excited to share Doublelift’s story as he takes the stage with Team Liquid for their first game at the 2018 World Championship,” said John Furnari, Marketing Director - North America at Riot Games. “With the It’s On spots, we’re celebrating the incredible players that make our game great. Doublelift embodies that.”


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