SUP GBM: "To the Turkey fans, I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it to groups. Using this feeling of regret that I have now, I will better myself for next year."

On the 7th, SuperMassive Esports was defeated by G-Rex and unfortunately was unable to continue onto the group stage.

Despite winning the first game convincingly, the remainder of the series went south for SuperMassive. Getting target banned and out macro’ed, SuperMassive fell victim to G-Rex’s hyper aggressive draft.

After the series, we met with SuperMassive’s mid laner, GBM. GBM explained his regret not being able to perform as he wanted at the World stage in Korea. He ensures that he will better himself for next year.

Below are the interview responses.

¤ Today’s result was unfortunate. How were today’s games for you?

It is very unfortunate. Everything was fine up until game 1. The fact that we lost games 2 and 3 was huge. Losing games that were our games to throw had put our team atmosphere at a low point.

¤ How was laning against G-Rex’s mid laner, Candy?

Candy played extremely good plays with his team. He played well.

¤ SuperMassive dominated the Turkey league. How does it feel to go to Worlds within 1 year?

This year’s Worlds was extra special to me because it is held in Korea. Because of this, I feel even more regret.

¤ You usually play a lot of entertaining champions. Do you have any pocket picks that you did not have the opportunity to show at Worlds this year?

I think I showed most of the picks I had prepared. Although I showed why Ahri could be a good pick in today’s series, I unfortunately made a lot of mistakes. I could have also potentially picked Xerath if the situation allowed it. But, it never did. It is very difficult to pick Xerath. This is because if the opponent counter picks with Irelia, you’re absolutely screwed.

¤ If you were to predict Worlds this year, what would your predictions be?

I think it will go as expected. Because the Chinese and Korean teams are obviously very good, I would assume it would be another China vs Korea final. For China, I think either RNG or IG will make it to the finals. In regards to Korea, I believe all 3 Korean teams look very strong.

¤ If SuperMassive was to make it to groups, was there any specific team that you wanted to go up against?

G-Rex (laughs). Oh, and Gen.G. When you look at Gen.G’s playstyle, you can see that we have a good chance at beating them. Gen.G likes to play for the late game and so do we.

¤ 2018 is almost over. What are your plans for the remainder of the year and onwards?

This year wasn’t bad. We won both winter and summer TCL. Because I played well in both splits, they even called me the best mid laner in Turkey. I only regret not being able to show my fullest potential on the international stage. I think I would have been able to go further if I just tried a bit harder.

¤ Lastly, could you say a few words for your global and Turkey fans?

I want to thank my global fans for watching me play. I am happy that I at least got to show you guys my Ahri. It is unfortunate that I could not show a better performance for you guys on the group stage.

To the Turkey fans, I am so sorry that I couldn’t make it to groups. Using this feeling of regret that I have now, I will better myself for next year.

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