Vote for Your Favorite Cosplayer! Destiny Child Cosplay Contest Online Vote Begins

Destiny Child Cosplay Contest Online Vote has begun on October 8th!

The total of 8 participants will enter the contest - stellachuuuuu, tokimandee, laralunardi, reagankathryn, mizzimie, zerggiee, lanpartee, and kurisu.cos.

The vote takes place for 4 days. Photos and footages of how they've prepared for their cosplay will be revealed in order. You can then check them out and make a vote for the most favorite cosplayers of your choice. You first need to log in to the Inven Global website to vote and each person is given 3 votes to give to 3 participants in total. You cannot give all 3 votes to only one participant.

The contest winners are determined based on the online vote from October 8th to 11th, the offline vote at the UCI Game Festival on 12th, and votes from the Line Game Editors. The 1st receives $3,000 USD as a prize, followed by $1,000 for the 2nd, and $500 for the 3rd. Every online vote counts for these cosplayers to make one step forward for their winning.

Visit the UCI Game Festival if you wish to see the cosplay and game show yourself. The UCI Game Festival hosted by Inven Global and ESC2018 will take place at UCI from October 11th to 12th. You’ll be able to check out various news and events about many games, along with the Destiny Child Cosplay Contest on 12th.

The offline voters will receive special prizes and those who take selfies at the Destiny Child booth and post them on the event page will also get a chance to receive special prizes in a raffle, so do come along and enjoy the event!

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