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Tell Us How You Use the KoF Heroes and Receive Bluestones! Share Your Returners KoF Tips Event



Hello, Masters!

It’s been two weeks since the KoF collaboration heroes were added. Most Masters probably have obtained and upgraded at least one KoF hero by now.

So we are here to host an event around the KoF heroes! All you need to do is tell us your tips and tricks about them. Anything is acceptable as long as it is relevant to the newly-added heroes; information such as where to use them, gear builds, and effective compositions are just a few examples. Share your tips and tricks on either the comment section of this article or in Hero & Team Setting on the forum. You can also use the team simulator on our website and leave a screenshot.

500 Bluestones will be given to all Masters who leave a comment or post, along with a 5-star legendary gear selection for 10 random participants, and 3000 Bluestones for 10.

We’ll be waiting for your input!

Link to the Returners Inven Hero & Team Setting forum

Link to the Returners Inven Team Simulator



[Event: Share Your Returners KoF Hero Tips]

How to enter:
Share your advice on the KoF heroes on either the comment section of this article or the Hero & Team Setting of the Returners Inven Forum. Note that you must leave the name of your server and account as well. You will not be added to the list of potential winners if you do not provide this information.

Period: September 18th - October 2nd (PDT)


- 500 Bluestones: all participants

- 3000 Bluestones: 10 randomly selected participants

- 5-star legendary gear selection: 10 randomly selected participants

Winner Announcement: October 9th (PDT)

Prizes are expected to be sent on October 15th (PDT)


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  • 0

    level 4 ThanhTung

    I use these gears for my Terry. Let he can have more CD skill 1&2 to disrupt Support. He is very suitable for opposing Wombo Combo

    IGN: Raijin

    Sever: Asia

  • 2

    level 12 Pockiverse

    Here's my take on them.

    Terry - Terry is a good assault/disrupter type of tank. All of his skills have CC and his Ultimate Skill is amazing. You should be building him with Ultimate CDR. Don't expect him to actually be a full-out tank; because he's not. So if you're looking for a Taunt tank, look elsewhere.

    Kyo - In my opinion, he is just a one hit wonder. Build him as full HP and see his Ultimate dishing out 50K+ to any "nearby" enemies. Be aware that this Ultimate can miss as it does have a decently hefty animation.

    Mai - Oh Mai... if only she had more than her assets to carry. Her Skill 1 has a 3.5 second stun on a 13 second cool down. Her Skill 2 is a melee ranged skill that has a healing debuff...doesn't help much. Unfortunately, Ranger gear doesn't provide much skill CDR. Her DoT's are lackluster. Unless you're aiming for style points and/or need a back-up back-up Ranger, look elsewhere.

    Iori - Awesome looking mage. Stun on the first skill and an AoE -20% MDEF skill 2. What's unique about this character is that his ultimate puts him into an invulnerable state as well as immune to abnormal effects while completely disabling an enemy and dealing damage to them; with a hefty cool down of 24 seconds. Either go full ultimate CDR to potentially perma-disable a target or hybrid skill/ultimate CDR.

    Athena - Really unique skills on this character. A lot of dependency on luck though as she needs to dash to the correct allies. Her skill 1 provides ranged attack 75% reflect damage but for only 3 seconds. Her Skill 2 leaves behind an after-image in which if you're lucky enough, enemies will focus on. Now her ultimate is a hit or miss as it will only heal/damage allies/enemies nearby her. If she dashes to a far ally or a very mobile one, unlucky. Build her as hybrid skill/ult CDR or tanky ult CDR. One thing that's great about her is that she's a close-ranged healer. If you've experienced the Master Tier Raid Boss Cerberus and understood his mechanics, you'd realize that she is a godsend and will survive the entire fight.

    IGN: Pocky
    Server: America

  • 0

    level 1 Royal

    Kyo is a great mage killer. The screenshot above is my build that makes him one hit KO many units. Since he has a lot of scaling, you would want a high Physical Attack build on him. Make sure to keep supporting the KOF heroes, they will all be good in one niche to another.

    IGN: Royal
    Server: America

  • 0

    level 7 Azure

    for the moment i use only 3 of the 5 kof heroes, kyo for the tons of cc, athena and iori.

    i shuold say that kyo s ulti is not that easy to use, the more less is your remain hp the more damage it will does to the enemy. Athena seems like a good supporter healer, buffer, dmg dealer, too much things mean not enought in anything. Iori, the first kof hero that i bought, everything is ok ecept for the ulti dmg, i dont know why but... it is lacking for dmg?

    EU server

    ign 绝尘

  • 0

    level 6 Tobias_Reich

    Equipment for Athena asayami for CD reduce and extra healing + survivability

    IGN: AlphaRaven

    Server: Europe

  • 0

    level 14 chash

    tip: don't use all 5 in the same team, but combine them with non-collab heroes for best results.

    ign: jodori

    server: oceania

  • 0

    level 3 Julian_Hou

    I only use Kyo in my team, it is combine them with CD cooling down non-collab heroes for best results.
    ign: Rebuilder
    server: asia

  • 0

    level 2 metalbuddha

    Terry - use him to clear floor 14 of Specter Chase, he'll destroy the golem. Geared with ult CD equipment.

    IGN: VIN
    Server: America

  • 0

    level 2 Clifford


    I dont have much to say yet. My gear still not good yet. Having a bad luck opening and combining on legendary set ..9k bluestones sometimes not getting one legendary gear....

    • 0

      level 2 Clifford


      I forgot my server. Oceana

      IGN. Lakastama

  • 0

    level 7 Khanh_Tran


    My favorite character form KOF,it’s my future gears for him.

    IGN: TrumTom007

    Sv: Asia

    • 0

      level 2 Mark96


      Not sure if you know this but the Legendary gear (3 in the middle) you are using is for Hybrid Characters like Kumiho, Kyo has only PHY (Physical) scaling abilities and no MAG (Magic) ones. You can leave the boots untill you get something better, that is the only piece that is good for him.

    • 0

      level 1 Jesse_J

      @Mark96 Champion set can be use with a lot of build and not only limit to fighter. Due to the scdr and high mdef set bonus, and high pdef. His build may not be the highest damage, but with high def and high hit recovery can’t say it will not work. Imo champion set is one of the set in game that can be use in build for every class.
  • 0

    level 7 Shadow

    My favorited KOF hero is Iori. His ulti skill is very awesome. Dmg immunity, discruption immunity, absorb HP, control enemy in 5.3s. So i suggest he should wear -ulti cd time set like my pic. with great condition he can use ultimate skill every 11s.

    Server: Onceania

    IGN: ShadowM

  • 0

    level 4 Austin_Perlas

    ign darkside03
    server oceania

    on kyo the longer he survives the better for him to atleast cast ultbitem builds that has defense and hp would prosper with him due to his skill tried blackdragon set on him didnt gave much going for stand alone items would be great helm and armor then black dragon boots and sword ring

    on iori he is great he has immunity ult to begin with to make it short rack up his damage if possible one ult from him disables one instantly stck health regen probly would be a great idea too since his ult has it to better survival
  • 0

    level 2 Jackie_Huynh

    For KOF heroes:

    Tank: you shouldn't build him as a tanker but as a dps with low skill and ultimate cooldown. He is pretty amazing

    Fighter: probably one of the most interesting heroes in the game. His skills are somewhat similar to Hong Gildong. So build CD is the way to go

    Ranger: similar to kunoichi but has longer cooldown. Unless opponent is using healers, Kunoichi is a better choice

    Mage: one of the best mage in the game. Cooldown is the way to build

    Support: she is suck in my opinion :)

    IGN: BaChuVoLam1

    server: Oceania

  • 0

    level 1 Alexander_ET_

    I use the new mage paired with Rasputina. Helps since they disrupt the other team so much.

  • 0

    level 1 Alexander_ET_

    Love using the ranger! She is great!

    IGN: joker12393
    Server: America
  • 0

    level 2 Tensai

    ATM the most favourist KOF Hero for me is Terry.

    Do not use him as a tank, he a powerful fighter !!!

    IGN: Kohlmann

    Server: Oceania

  • 0

    level 1 Dyuc_Chill

    I use KYO with a full set of Sinister Black Dragon Equipment. Pair him up with Athena and just let the magic happen. Once u have a full set of Vicious Black Dragon (7-Star Gear) - pair him up with Mai. Both of them are going to almost burst down opponents mage instantly - and thanks to Mais heal-debuff - no time to recover :)


    Server: Europe

  • 0

    level 2 Mark96

    Well lets get this started.

    Kyo Kusanagi - The character that caught my eye and excited me most with his Normal Skills that hit multiple times and an interesting Ultimate Skill that does a heavy AoE blow to enemys in 180° radius infront of him (approx). Unfortunately his Skillset can't Critical Hit. Your best bet is to equip him with Spell-Forged set to decrease the Normal Skill CD (which is his main source of damage), Ultimate skill is less important because it is inconsistent (easily interupted,missed).

    Terry Bogard - Ah yes, Terry. Disguised as a Tank this guy is not to be taken lightly. All of his Skills are Interupts, he excells against opponents that have Cast Times (e.g. Xiang Yu's Overlord Strike, Kyo Kusanagi's Ultimate Skill). The most interesting Skill is his Ultimate, Power Geyser or the Tank Shredder as I call it. Not only does it CC it bypasses the enemys DEF and does huge damage. Terry is very gear dependant, Malevolent set for Physical enemies, Behemoth set for Magic enemies.

    Athena Asamiya - The moment I read her Skillset I knew she will be my new main Support.

    Her Ultimate Skill is sometimes flawed (the first part). She recovers HP for her self first and then throws a ring of healing at nearby low health allies. Sometimes she will be Full HP and will just stand there overhealing her self which will do nothing for your team or her, the Overhealing should either be turned into her shield or heal nearby damaged allies. Athena is overall a very versatile Support that works with any Composition but excells with Hybrid teams because of her Psychic Teleport skill and is best used against teams with Ranged characters because of her Psycho Reflector skill. Her gear should be Aimed at CD reduction+Magic attack or CD+Survivability, it really depends on the enemy team but CD reduction should be the main thing.

    Iori Yagami - Nothing to really talk about except his Ultimate Skill which can be bad and good at the same time just dependant on the situation and PoV. The Ultimate Skill slams the enemy into the ground (CCs the enemy), makes Iori Damage Immune, Disruption Immune and Heals based on the damage he does, but the enemy can't be Damaged or Targeted by your other Allies Non-skill attacks which can be pretty annoying when it is a high priority target. The other thing, when Iori kills the target within the 1st or 2nd hit of the Ultimate Skill he is stuck for the full Duration BUT he still has DMG Immunity and Disruption Immunity but no longer heals because he is hiting nothing, which means for the duration you have 1 character less, but if he is the focus of the enemy it comes in handy. I have really mixed feelings about him but overall I enjoy having him in my team.

    There are a ton of ways to gear him but you should strive to get as much Magic Attack on him as you can.

    Mai Shiranui - The only character I don't like at all, and currently only slowly leveling her. She is an assasin branded as Ranger. Her skillset is okay, it is good counter for all the healing Compositions on paper, but in reallity she rushes into the enemy team as a squishie ranged character (wtf?).

    The only way to keep her alive longer is with Maid+Dr. Jekyll. Cant really say too much about her because I bearly use her but the most success I had with her is with Maid+Dr.Jekyll+SiegFried+Kyo+Her.

    Evade rate is her friend :)

    Overall they are a nice addition to the game and will probably become more/less usefull as time passes and the game evolves and as new characters/gear are introduced, by all means a good addition to any players arsenal.

    P.S. All the things I said are how I personaly use/equip/see these characters and you might not agree. Thanks for reading, have a good one!

    IGN : Prizmatic

    Server : Europe

  • 0

    level 1 Trineki

    personally im pretty new so i wont have tons of insight, but i like to use iori as a nice lockdown mage who for me is easy to gear for my rank of diamond as i have way too many mage gears lol!

    ign Trineki

    Server NA

  • 0

    level 3 snln




  • 0

    level 1 NaoWanggo

    Newbie here! But i fought a lot of team in gold league use all KoF heros in one team but lose to me with a large margin even our power is almost equal. My take is do not use all KoF heros in your team but mix them with other heros and they will shine. Mai is my favorite tho.
  • 0

    level 10 PPeem_713

    I think this is the best set for her(healer and enchanter) with cooldown reduction 8 second for first and second skills.

    first and second skill cooldown time is 15 second both. if she use this set first and second cd will reduct to 7 second not include condition its mean she will reflect every 7 second and heal , buff her teammate every 7 second. I think its very useful for the team which come with 2-3 dmg heroes in their team.

    IGN : Bamm

    Server : Asia

  • 0

    level 2 Idimegra

    One of the best uses is to clear spec with them, they can be geared to easily beat some stages such as 14 that many used jekyll on. (Terry)

    Most of their skills have to be combined with a better team, due to the tags it’s harder to work them in over five tag characters for the boost. I noticed on the kr update that some will be receiving another tag. Thank goodness that was a big complaint as they did not feel legendary for the 4000 bluestones or 8000event coins spent.


    Server: na

  • 0

    level 3 Roxas_jiang

  • 0

    level 3 Roxas_jiang




  • 0

    level 2 IFmVI

    -Mai shiranui: One of the best counter to healers, she needs the right build to shine, with HP, skill CDR and raw dmg in that specific order.
    Good for both official and challenger league and normal adventure stages. Not reoommended for raids since she puts herself at a closer position where most of the bosses have their dmg aura and AoE basic attacks, also her skils like stun or push won't work on enemies with abnormal stats immunity like adventure, raid and specter bosses.
    The ideal composition for her includes a allies with taunt and a AoE dmg to take advantage of her anti healing skills and a tank, also she should be the only hero in the comp with supports as prefered targets unless you are fighting more than 3 in the same team.

    -Iori: Decent bruiser for pvp, can potentially help the backline while providing dmg to the team, his ideal build would be with skill CDR, HP and CCR.
    Good for any PVP mode and normal adventure stages. Not reoommended for raids since he puts himself in a closer range to bosses dmg aura and AoE basic attacks, also his skils like stun, push or ultimate won't work properly on enemies with abnormal stats immunity
    like adventure, raid and specter bosses.
    The best team composition for him is with another 2 ranged allies with good dps and a debuffer support/tank.

    IGN: FmV
    Server: America

  • 0

    level 4 drei_vier

    For the master league raidboss Cerberus im using Athna Asamiya, with this 8-skill-cd gear she keeps jumping around my hercules and buffs his damage output significantly.
    In my opinion the damage buff on her dash is what makes her strong, so I recommend this gear aswell for league if you wanna use her. But with this gear you have to be careful especially against Dr. Jekyll and Taejo.
    Taejo can burst her very quickly, and because Athena dashes to the ally with the lowest health she most likely gets hit by Dr. Jekylls aoe damage which hurts a lot and she does not have selfheal.
    In my opinion its not worth to gear her with full goddess set/ult cd reduction gear since her ult has a long cast time and gets interrupted often. She is just like a bad version of siren then.

    IGN: Stif

    Server: Europe

  • 0

    level 1 Babie_Mild

    I using "Iori" as Disruptor one at the match. Good damage skill.

    IGN: Baroni
    Server: Asia
  • 0

    level 1 Bird22121

    she very strong and beautiful. very sexy ^_^

    IGN: bird22121

    Server: Asia

  • 0

    level 1 triplezzz

    Kyo is best of mage killer for me. I always losed team 2 Mage. Another Fighter can't help me but Kyo can. I love new kof team.

    IGN : triplezzz

    Server : Asis

  • 0

    level 2 torppw89

    Mai ... Full Launcher Set is the best

    -4s cd for more skill

    +%skill atk is good

    Rune : % atk / % melee or ranged def / hit dmg % recovery

    She is the best ranger in the game right now !!!

    IGN : Exile

    Server : Asia

  • 0

    level 7 Anoobis

    As of now, the synergy is thrown off if all used together without proper gear setup. But Mai, Kyo and Iori make a very formidable team if paired with Mozart and Athena (KoF). Still working on best gear and role.



  • 0

    level 1 Butcha

    IGN: Butcha

    Server: Europe

    I'm really not sure about the heroes

    I brought Iori to lvl 40 and gave him full monarch 25 lvl. But he is jot as good as jekyll or Rasputina and nor even tesla.

    I have kyo and he is promising, but pushes guys to day away.

    Athena looks very uninteresting, but I knight underestimate her.

    I am not sure why we need another charging Ranger like Mai and not taunting tank Terry. She dies first with no damage and he dies last with no damage ????

    That's my opinion in this short time

  • 0

    level 1 winrys

    Using both Athena and Mozart together in the same team, brings double healers, ranged reflect and increase phys defence and movement. Very versatile duo!

    IGN: Winrys

    Server: Asia

  • 0

    level 2 Francis_Tran

    I got myself Iori and Kyo but I´m only using Kyo at the moment. It´s kind of difficult for me to find a good team setup for the KOF heroes since their team tags doesn´t really fit to any of my favourite heroes.

    After one week of testing I think Kyo is a decent character to counter mages- A lot of people are using Jeckyll so using Kyo is a viable choice even though fighters are not commonly used in league. His damage is good and he pulls the enemy fire on himself so that your other chars doesn´t get hit. Sad thing is that his ultimate is kinda useless because of the chargetime- the time his ultimate is ready he is nearly dead or he misses because the enemy is moving out of range.

    IGN: gHOsTa
    Server: Europe

  • 0

    level 1 Homewood_Nate

    Current set up. Need one more piece of goddess.
    What you guys think?

  • 0

    level 1 Yock138

    Still trying to save up for them! Excited.

    IGN: Krokro

    Server: NA

  • 0

    level 1 lotto1412

    In my opinion:

    Terry Bogard - a nightmare for supports, a tank with good damage. just try him with Hong Gil Dong and Maid Victoria to get another scary wombo combo.

    Kyo Kusanagi - His ultimate is terrifying. if you don't maximize his ulti, then Panacea, Siren or Athena are the best ally to keep him alive until he use his ulti.

    Athena Asamiya - She is a good healer. but with Taejo on the other side, just pray she can't hold her ground a bit longer. if you have a gear to strengthen her defense or Athena to protect her, it will make her a good support also good magic damager.

    Iori Yagami - A freak dude (if you see his style when win a battle), but his skill is really annoying. just put him with anyone. he can take care himself.

    Mai Shiranui - She can lockdown Taejo or other ranger. just equip her with a gear to decrease his skill or team up her with Cassandra. you will see her potential.

    IGN: Lotto

    Server: Asia

  • 0

    level 2 Danupoom_Pulsub

    IGN Little
    Server Asia
    I have all five KFO, everyone have potential except Mai.
    I'm using Terry and Athena base on cd time gears and it work well for me.
    For Iori and Kyo since I didn't have full mage and fighter gears so can't say much.
    Mai is suck anyway low dmg and die so fast.

  • 0

    level 5 Tainlin


    First bit of advice is to pick them up while you can. They will be leaving the shop soon.

    I think Mai and Lori have the most potential but it will be interesting to see if any of them break into the meta. I like Mai potential to target the support heavy team reducing heals. Taejo isn't very good against well geared supports at the top tier.I like the ideas of teaming her with Guan Yu that also targets supports reducing magic damage of the other team and their heals.

    Lori's ultimate has some promise with immunity. I recommend going ULT CDR gears on him.

    IGN: Jamo
    Server: America

    • 0

      level 2 IFmVI


      They are removing only the packages not the heroes, or show me where did they say that if i'm wrong.

  • 0

    level 2 fixD

    Terry and Iori for ARENA!

    Ign: fixD

    Server: America

  • 0

    level 1 Senia

    Terry Bogard: A tank with high damage. Skill 1 causes enemy to slow down by at most 70% and a short knockback. Skill 2 has stunning effect, which is crucial in Arena. Ultimate skill is quite powerful, which ignores DEF, has high DMG, and attacks for three times! Could be a nice substitute in exchange of Siegfield.

    Kyo Kusanagi: A fighter with high MAG DEF. His normal skills are just so-so, but ultimate skill causes HUGE damage, especially using when his HP is quite low. And this skill is going to be buffed with a pulling effect and bigger range, so that makes him a quite nice choice in fighters. Can be used in both PVE and PVP.

    Mai Shiranui: A not-bad ranger. Skill 1 has a long stunning effect, which is useful. Skill 2 and ultimate skill undermines enemy's healing effect, but is not that useful, coz not every team has a healer. Maybe you can buy it if you like those bouncy ....s.

    Iori Yagami: A nice mage. Skill 1 can cause stunning, and skill 2 causes long knockback and is AOE. The ultimate skill is quite strong: high DMG, continuous healing, and make the target disappear(could be bad either, coz your teammates can't hurt him too) for a long time. A nice choice in mages.

    Athena Asamiya: As a healer, she is capable. But I prefer those who has more CC skills.

    Server: Asia

    IGN: Farfar

  • 0

    level 1 Jesse_J

    IGN: Cybergu
    Server: Asia

    My build for Mai, high patk with 4scdr
  • 0

    level 1 Lam_Kieron

    IGN 奇利雲
    Server Asia

    I have full cdr gear for Iori, however his ult skill dmg is really lacking and while tesla can provide much much more dmg. Targeting a full geared fighter, each hit Iori dmg is only around 500, at the end this 11hits deal less dmg than one crit hit from Dr. Much more afraid of the immune card and not very useful in all aspect

  • 0

    level 2 noomnumber11

    Terry is a support killer. His ulti skill is great damage

    IGN: PaPaaBear
    Sever: Asia

  • 0

    level 1 MovAlex

    I use loyalty set with ultimade CD reduction with about 10 sec for Athena asayami.

    IGN: MovAlex

    Server: Europe

  • 0

    level 1 CharliePrince

    I only have 3 KOF Heroes and have just begun play but I am building my team around Terry and Iori. CC out the bootie!! :) still reading up on everything though and trying to absorb knowledge but definitely looking to get the stun synergy going.. both heroes thankfully have skills that have stun

    IGN: Bigly

    Server: Americas

  • 0

    level 4 fatehero

    Terry is great with this outfit, and the two end skills are reduced in time, allowing him to use the end skills faster.



  • 0

    level 1 instant

    This is my setup for Terry Bogard, skill cool down reduction for more damage and crowd control towards the enemy team. It is also a basic set-up gear for tanks as well.

    IGN: instant

    Server: Asia

  • 0

    level 4 JohnSmith

    My Build for Kyo Kusanagi Disruptor\Mage Killer

    IGN: Roknar
    Server: Europe
  • 0

    level 3 Mindgames

    There seem to be some good uses for the KoF Heroes.

    Kyo is great against mages, especially when paired with another hero that focuses mages like Ghengis Khan he can bring insane burst to the table. With high UCDR and high hitpoints from setless legendaries he can become really scary in a wombo combo. Try him with Cassandra and Maid for great results. Against wombo teams his pushback helps splitting the own team apart so they don't all get hit.

    I like Iori in combination with Tesla or Dr J. for his mag Def decrease, either in league or in Arena where this CC heavy guy really shines.

    Athena seems to be really good in the master raid. Built for high SCD she will be buffing your dps like mad. For her healing you should bring melee units, because else they are too split out.

    Haven't got Mai or Terry yet, but Terry does seem extremely good for arena and league. Pair him up with Tesla, Taejo or another support killer and you will take their support out of the game really fast.

    IGN Mindgames

    Server Europe

  • 0

    level 3 H3r01c


    Unfortunately I don't have them ready rune wise or at 7 star. However I have to say 2 Kof heroes shine.

    Athena. Her reflect 3 seconds may seem short. But against an opening Taejo, it reflects 75% of the damage. You can manipulate her to be an offtank but adjusting her magic attack to be the highest in your team and having her reflect 75% of the damage against enemy ranged wombo combos. Just kill off their melee Hong first and then have her reflect the ranged damage. Not to mention there should be a buff making it 100% for 3 seconds allowing her to be invulnerable for 3 seconds like Athena's shield. Her buff is great with it reaches the right allies. The biggest drawbacks is her ultimate. The delay in casting for her full effect allows her to be easily interrupted.

    Iori. He's like a magic Mushashi + Hercules + Kumiho. His ultimate allows him 5.3 seconds of invulnerability, damage absorption and disruption immunity. He has a magic debuff and a stun. Basically the best skills from each fighter. His preferred target is Fighters so that's tricky. Most people use 1 fighter if any at all. Hong or Mushashi seem to be the most common but it's still rare. Iori is very useful for full magic teams.

    Mai. The main problem with her is she is completely countered by Mozart who is the meta support in North America. Mozart has physical defense buffs which negates her damage, a heal over time that removes debuffs that negates her skills effects and to make matters worse Mozart runs a goddess/flame set or full goddess set making him tanky against Mai. So overall Mai spends too much time killing Mozart and not really succeeding before she dies since she is among the most fragile rangers despite her stellar offensive stats.

    Terry. He is an assault tank who targets Supports. Terry isolates a support but his push decrease his auto attack damage since he must chase after his target after pushing them. So damage wise he is not a big deal. His CC is ok but nothing that king Arthur can't do better. Overall Terry is flashy but not worth investing in.

    Kyo seems to be similar to Hong but with a knockback instead of a pull. Ultimately Kyo needs a setless helmet or boots to maximize his ultimate as opposed to Hong who can just run full champion set.

    • 0

      level 3 H3r01c

      IGN: 4glory
      Server: Americas
  • 0

    level 1 pandaKick

    If you're struggling against Wombo Combo, Terry and Kyo are helpful as they can stun and out-damage the wombo combo healing. My other advice is if you're wondering who you can skip...Mai.

    IGN: paNdaKicK
    Server: Americas

  • 0

    level 3 Saul_Freitas

    Athena is ok if you dont fight against taejo,jekyll,tesla is ok but still annoying
    If you can kill those heroes quickly she will survive
    And im playing only with 8 sec cd gear on her since her ult isnt that great
    In my opinion her dash is the good part of her kit
    With damage buff
    Flaming empress weapon, chest, others goddess
    You should have some early disrupts ib your team aswell like ghengis hercules athena to avoid that ur enemy can target her down in the first 7 seconds.

    IGN: Noob9999

    Server: Europe

  • 0

    level 3 Zerenos

    I found that athena is very useful for master league raid. especially when pair with melee damage dealer like musashi, damage is sky high with her second skill. here's here gears.

    Server: Asia

    IGN: Zerenos

  • 0

    level 2 jusherr


    As many people have already mentioned, Terry is a disguised fighter with his incredibly hard hitting skills and ult (as it bypasses defense). Hence, I would go for a build that maximises dishing out CC and attack at the same time.

    However, as some users will note, this terry build relies extremely heavily on his P.def! To maximise the use of Terry, I would recommend (as others have pointed out) a seperate build to take on magic-based teams.

    • 0

      level 2 jusherr


      oops i forgot to add my ign + server. Here's the second build for a more balanced Terry

      ign: jusherr
      server: Asia

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    level 1 Doomeyzoom

    The first one I got and 7 star was Athena. Right now shes okay. I'm running a mix of empress and goddess set. I think I will try full goddess and see how that goes. I'm finding that more often than not her ultimate is getting interrupted so shes rarely able to get it off. The ranged reflect is okay but needs to be more powerful. In raids she is generally in a bad position due to her skill that rushes to an ally to heal them so I dont use her in them. I've found mozart to be the stronger support option in most circumstances but it is fun to use both in some comps.

    I've tried out Mai in every ranger set except launcher (dont have it) and I dont feel like she performs as well as many other rangers. Right now I'm bit seeing any reason to use her ahead of jumong, taejo, or ghengis.

    The only one I use regularly is Kyo. Fantastic mage killer. I dont even have all of his gear unleashed and he still melts mages. He does go down fairly quick but when I run him with tank athena I find that she shields him and he obliterates the mages on the other team. Ultimate is very deadly but often misses as the animation takes a long time. I'm excited for the change to this ability.

    IGN: DoomeyZoom

    Server: NA

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    level 10 TheKingAtk

    IORI Yagami is one of strongest Mage , He need High MAG ATK and High Def ( include Mag and Phy Def) and high Hp .

    He use Great demon god Staff and Helmet + Merciful Queen Clothes , Shoes and Ring is best Gear For Him . Special, His Ultimate skill controls enemies very useful at Arena. He is King of Arena

    IGN: Kingofatk

    Server: Oceania

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    level 1 zVNDz


    Best Gear for Tanker Jerry with range def and melee def > 60%
    IGN: 4000
    Server: Asian
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      level 1 zVNDz

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    level 2 Christian_Ambro

    for Terry, i recommend : fenrir doom, hells gate helmet and armor and boots, and scarlet necklace for reducing ults cooldown and survivability.

    for Mai, i recommend : ultimate arrow, anihilation helmet and armor and necklace, and ultimate boots for physical and critical damage with attack speed while also boosting basic attack

    for Iori, i recommend : absolute monarch staff and helmet, great demon armor and shoes and fergus ring for reducing aim for more stability with the Great Demon King Cape and Shoes while reducing ult skill cooldown with Heroic Fergus Ring, which will allow your heroes to continue fighting for a longer period for bigger defense and HP

    for Kyo , i recommend full sinister black dragon set for basic attack by increasing critical damage, critical rate, physical damage, etc

    for Athena, i recommend : shining goddes weapon, helmet and necklace, and immortal flaming empress armor and shoes for extra healing and survivability, reducing and increasing skill cooldowns.

    ign : Ambrosius
    server : Asia

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    level 1 Doubleb

    Terry is is the best! I gave him the full Gatekeeper set for his ultimate to hit incredibly hard! Currently working on making it 7*. I also used Mai for a while, but Terry is by far my favorite. IGN: Doubleb. Member No: 02F003810D08. Server: Americas (UTC-5)

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