Overwatch Pro neptuNo is grinding to a top 10 spot using only Support heroes.

A lot of players aim for a top-ten spot on the Overwatch competitive ranking. During the climb, all aspects of a player are tested: their influence over the game, their teamwork ability, and above all else, their flexibility. "One trick" players may find themselves gaining easy SR at the early stages of the climb, but that gimmick becomes a liability for any team at the highest level of ranked play.

So when Alberto "neptuNo" González of the Philadelphia Fusion announced the creation of a new account to try and make top 50 (soon changed to top 10) using only support heroes, fans took notice.

As far as live-stream challenges go, whenever a skilled player imposes self-enforced handicaps, the rest of us can't help but watch in amazement. Sure, neptuNo is a professional support player so the idea of playing only Supports isn't out of the question, but the inability to "ever" switch to any other type of class makes carrying a team and influencing the game much harder than it should be.

To succeed in his challenge, neptuNo has fully embraced his aggressive support style:

▲ It's day three of the challenge and Ana has, so far, been a solid choice for when neptuNo needs to impact the game. 

You can check out the live stream and past broadcasts at twitch.tv/neptunoow. It's Overwatch league caliber gameplay that even non-support mains can enjoy. 

Though it should be warned that neptuNo's signature hero, Mercy, doesn't make too many appearances. I guess you can chalk that up to the trending opinion of how weak she is in the current meta.

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