Sights from the Riot's New LCK Stadium in Korea, 'LoL PARK'

In Jong-ro, the center of Seoul, Riot Korea revealed a new stadium to continue the history of the LCK, named 'LoL PARK'.

I photographed various details of LoL PARK. Let's check it out!

▲ I can feel the splendor from the entrance.

▲ This is the lobby.

▲ Rift symbol is cute.

▲ A small size of Riot-store.

▲ Bilgewater Cafe is right next side.

▲ I thought it would sell rum but actually, it is just a cafe.

▲ Empty shelf yet

▲ At every official event of Riot,  Teemo cannot escape.

▲ Players of Griffin are resting.

▲ A huge place in front of the stadium

▲ The famous artist Kim Jung Gi is doing a huge live drawing.

▲ Riot PC Bang is running.

▲ Snacks are more varied than Riot HQ's.

▲ Is it... made of wood?

▲ It is a space where uniforms and 3D printing figures are displayed.

▲ A Place where players and people can enjoy eating and relaxing easily

▲ "I like that!"

▲ LCK didn't have an individual interview room. Now we have two!

▲ The player's waiting room has also changed practically.

▲ Announcer's room


▲ "Yay~"

▲ Small stage where various broadcasts are filmed.

▲ A separate place where Riot employees can work and relax

▲ Let's go to the stage.

▲ This is a mixed interview zone. The players who come out after the game can freely share the interview with reporters.

▲ Let's take a closer look at the stadium that was designed with the Colosseum as its motif.


▲ Oh...

▲ Looks great.

▲ Open booth like EU LCS and NA LCS.
It looks good, but I wonder how Riot Korea to overcome quite a lot of risks.

▲ There is a cup holder in the audience seat handle, USB charging is also available.

▲ Serious Faker in front of the new stage

▲ Opening ceremony

▲ Many players came to the opening ceremony.

▲ "Good evening"

▲ Lee Seung Hyun, the representative of Riot Games Korea

▲ Jeon Yong Jun, the caster of LCK greets the audiences.

▲ I want to see the game to be played in a new stadium ASAP!

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    level 2 Slayer


    Thanks for the Photos, these are wonderful. <3

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      level 21 Lasso

      @Slayer Thanks :)!

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