GEN CoreJJ: "My team is like a cartoon character that becomes stronger after time passes."

On the 14th (KST), Gen.G Esports defeated Griffin 3:2 and advanced to the 2018 LoL World Championship LCK Regional Qualifier finals.

The defending Worlds champions, had a hard time starting from round 1 against SKT T1. However, by going through some tough matches, they now will face Kingzone DragonX for the Worlds ticket.

The following is the interview with Gen.G’s support, CoreJJ.

What are your thoughts on today’s victory?

I’m really happy. I’d like to say to my teammates and staff members, “Let’s give it one more try”.


What was your best play for today?

I don’t remember. I think I just focused and succeeded in doing what I had to do for the game.


You went against the Caitlyn-Morgana composition. Did you expect the opponent to pick them?

I thought the picks showed that they didn’t want to lose in the lane. However, we didn’t lose against them.


How were things in game 5 when you won the fight near Baron?

I think it was when we killed Yasuo. Well, our skills landed well and we were lucky too.


A lot of fights occurred in game 5. What were the team calls?

We talked about how we can win in situations where we’re at a clear disadvantage. We thought that game 5 was about our mentality and staying focused.


Your partner Ruler cried. How was the atmosphere like in the booth?

I think that showed how much he wanted to win today’s match. It was a really tough matchup, so he must have been emotional.


You will face Kingzone DragonX in the Regional finals.

In the Asian Games, every time I defeated China I thought, ‘today is a happy day’. However, I also learned that if you lose on the last day, it goes on forever. For the finals, I’ll forget about our win in rounds 1 and 2. I’m going to give it my best shot and win.


The team seems better in the late stage of the split.

I think we’re a team that performs well if the patch version doesn’t change for quite a long time. If the version changes quickly, we do seem a bit slow in adjusting to the patch. It’s hard to explain this in a ‘scientific’ way, but we seem like a cartoon character that becomes stronger after time passes.


Do you have any other things to say?

I only have thoughts about winning inside my head. We’d like to show the fans how determined we are by winning the Qualifier finals.

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    level 4 Genryou

    Just say anime (unless that's what he actually said and this was an interpretation of his words in Korean; don't like the liberal translations), CoreJJ, most people will understand you. Because if we talk about U.S. cartoons, they're usually prodigy characters, or they come from a superior species or they rich and powerful, etc. and no-one can compares to them.

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