The Defending Worlds Champions, Gen.G Defeats Griffin and Advances to the Worlds Regional Qualifier Finals

On the 14th of September (KST), Gen.G Esports and Griffin went against each other in the LCK Worlds Regional Qualifier round 2. Similar to round 1, both teams delivered solid performance throughout the series.  However, it was Gen.G Esports who came on top. 

The defending Worlds champions, Gen.G proved their late-game teamfight abilities. With Ruler succeeding in gaining early-game kills, the other Gen.G players perfectly supported this prominent bottom laner. Although the team did have a hard time dealing with Griffin's early-game dominance, Gen.G clearly knew how to sustain. 

With this win, Gen.G Esports will now be facing Kingzone DragonX in the LCK Worlds Regional Qualifier finals on the 16th (KST).


Game 1

In game 1, Gen.G gained first blood from Haru’s successful early bottom gank. However, Tarzan who was focusing on his jungling, hit level 6 first and killed Haru’s level 4 Gragas near Gen.G’s Red buff. After the kill, Gen.G did come for a backup but they lost in the teamfight near top lane.

With Sword stacking 2 kills, Griffin started to slowly snowball using the top advantage. Although the game went to its 20-minute mark without any other fights, Griffin did manage to destroy the top tier 1 turret. They also soon obtained the Rift Herald. However, Gen.G fought back by securing their third Drake.

The next teamfight ‘finally’ occurred near the 30-minute mark. With Tarzan’s Olaf building Attack Damage items, he managed to kill Gen.G Ruler before engaging for a teamfight; the fight was one-sided. Griffin soon secured the Baron buff and started to push through Gen.G’s inhibitors.

Gen.G tried to turn the tables by engaging for a 5 vs 4 teamfight near the mid jungle. The fight did seem favorable for Gen.G, but they failed to stop Urgot who joined using his Teleport. Griffin eventually aced Gen.G and closed down the game.


Game 2

Griffin’s mid-bottom aggressively pushed thorough lane early giving their Nidalee time to freely counter jungle. With Gen.G gradually losing the mid-bottom matchup, Haru’s Gragas went for a bottom lane gank and succeeded to kill Griffin’s Morgana. After a few minutes, Haru once again came to bottom and this time they succeeded to kill both Viper and Lehends.

With Ruler on 2 kills, Gen.G’s bottom duo destroyed Griffin’s bottom tier 1 turret. After securing a few kills, Gen.G secured their second Mountain Drake. They soon went for a Baron hunt near the 25-minute  mark. After slaying the Baron, Gen.G engaged for a teamfight and won.

Griffin soon lost their mid-top inhibitors. When Gen.G attempted to destroy the bottom inhibitor, Griffin initiated a teamfight and managed to kill 3 Gen.G players. However, with the game already one-sided, Gen.G gathered up near Griffin’s Nexus for the last fight and killed 3 players; this was the end of game 2. Gen.G destroyed the Nexus.

Game 3

Again going with the Caitlyn-Morgana bottom composition, Griffin started to widen the bottom CS difference. However, Haru succeeded a mid lane gank and Crown’s Lissandra gained a kill. After gaining vision control near Griffin’s Red buff, this time, Haru attempted a  bottom gank. With CoreJJ’s Rakan supporting Haru’s Gragas, they succeeded to kill Morgana. Griffin fought back with a top dive from their top-jungle duo. After killing Aatrox, they destroyed Gen.G’s top tier 1 turret and secured the Rift Herald.  

Gen.G soon gathered near mid and destroyed Griffin’s mid-tier 1 turret, Also, they dived near Griffin’s tier 2 turret and managed to kill Caitlyn. With Ruler gaining kills, Gen.G started to win most of the mid-game skirmishes. After winning a fight near Griffin’s Blue buff, Gen.G secured their first Baron.

Gen.G slew their second Baron near the 35-minute mark. They soon advanced to Griffin territory and destroyed the mid inhibitor and Nexus turrets. After winning one last fast, they closed down game 3.


Game 4

This time, Griffin picked some high-CC teamfight champions. With Sejuani ganking from the bottom side brush, Griffin was the team to gain first blood. Also, Tarzan’s Sejuani succeeded to gank mid; Vel’Koz had to use his Flash. Soon, Sejuani-Aatrox managed to dive mid and kill Vel’Koz.  

The first teamfight of the game occurred right after Gen.G slew the Drake. Griffin Viper’s Kai’Sa did gain a kill but Crown’s Vel’Koz ultimate managed to lead the team to win the fight. Although they lost, Griffin players didn’t fall back and won a few more skirmishes; Griffin started gaining the advantage. Once Griffin won a huge teamfight near the Drake pit, they secured the Baron.

Griffin players started to dominate the game. Using the huge item difference, they soon planned for a 5 vs 5  mid tier 2 turret dive. Griffin killed 3 Gen.G players and destroyed the Nexus. 

Game 5

First blood came from Gen.G CuVee. After avoiding Griffin’s top dive, he succeeded to gain a kill with some help from his turret. However, Griffin players managed to snowball early by gaining kills in small skirmishes.  Although Gen.G was at a disadvantage, they still managed to slay 2 Drakes.

However, Gen.G gained back the advantage by winning a teamfight near the 20-minute mark. They immediately ran for the Baron. With Gen.G focusing on Baron, Griffin players gathered up for a Baron steal. Soon, Sword’s Urgot jumped in by using his ultimate; this killed Gen.G’s jungler. After gaining a kill, he also secured the Baron himself.  

The game was now clearly favorable for Griffin. Using Yasuo-Vladimir-Shen, they sought for small and big skirmishes. They won most of the fights and soon. However, Griffin lost a huge teamfight and gave away the Baron buff to Gen.G.

Gen.G soon gained the next Baron. The rest was all about teamfights. Although Griffin managed to deliver concrete plays, it was not enough to win against the defending Worlds champions. After winning a teamfight near mid, Gen.G closed down the series.

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