Top WoW guilds offer outsiders a rare glimpse into hardcore raiding

Ever dreamed of rubbing shoulders with the greats or racking up DKP alongside the best of them? Well, now is your chance; the Mythic Uldir race is as good as it gets. For the first time ever, 18 players from the top Mythic progression guild, Method (EU-Tarren Mill), are live streaming their entire experience, from Taloc to G'huun, and inviting you to watch.

"In the past fans of the race have been anxiously refreshing web pages, waiting for the announcements that yet another boss has fallen," said Method co-owner Scott "Sco" McMillan in an official statement. "This time around we want you to join us on this journey, witness the emotion and adrenaline in real time and share in our experiences."

Fans of the race to World First (and savvy raid leaders looking for a leg up when it comes time to tackle these bosses themselves) can follow along on several Twitch streams, able to bear witness to the guild’s successes, failures, and strategies in real time. For the average raider, Method’s streams offer a rare glimpse into how the world’s best guilds communicate in the heat of boss fights; what mechanics they do and do not struggle with; and, how they strategize to defeat never-before-defeated encounters.

A handful of the guild’s players, including Sco, are playing from London, England, where their commentators Rich Campbell, Alan “Hotted” Widmann, and Robbin “Cyna” Wuite are also located. The event is in partnership with Discord and Red Bull Esports.

“First thing I ever did in esports was call Sco on Skype and talk about how incredible a World First race would be,” wrote Campbell on Twitter. “Three years later and Method has managed to make it a reality. Could not be more excited.”

▲ Sco is ready to raid - via @Methodsco


By Day 2, the Mythic race had come to something of a standstill at the fourth boss in the raid, Fetid Devourer. The boss received a hefty hotfix nerf to his and his minions’ health pools after a day of progression proved Fetid unkillable, but guilds were still stumped until late Thursday night when Limit (US-Illidan) snagged the World First kill and catapulted themselves into first place.

Currently, Method's closest attempt is only 46%. "Hopefully the rest of the bosses won't require [as much] intervention on Blizzard's behalf, as any hotfixes needed will inevitably throw the race off-balance, depending on when they occur," wrote Method's content manager, "Starym," in response to Limit's big kill.

Limit and Wildcard Gaming (US-Mal'Ganis) currently claim overall first and second place, respectively, with the latter having knocked Big Dumb Guild (US-Illidan) out of the #2 slot with a Fetid Devourer kill early Friday morning. Method is not far behind in fourth despite having sat several average item levels behind the competition for much of the race.

Big Dumb Guild, however, has bigger problems than item level -- allegedly, some of their raiders were DDOS'd by competing guilds and during two of the team's sub-5% pulls on Fetid Devourer, players bugged beneath the world and into trees

▲ The top ten guilds were stumped by Fetid Devourer - via Method


You can follow the Mythic Uldir race on Method’s website, as well as watch the primary stream featuring commentators and multiple player POVs on their Twitch channel. A total of 18 raiders are streaming their perspectives, the links to which can be found here

For those who cannot easily catch EU streams, Big Dumb Guild also has a handful of raiders who broadcast the team's progress (their streams can be found here) and one of Wildcard Gaming's officers streams here.


Featured image via Method stream

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