Iron League Releases Patch 2.6.0: New Playable Character, Reward System, and Gameplay Balancing



This is the full text of Dexintgames' 9/13/2018 press release.

Developed by a Korean startup team, Dexintgames, "Iron League” is a cross-platform MOBA game. Since its global launch on Steam in March 2018, the game is continuing its update train until now. And recently, at the beginning of  September, Iron League proceeded its 2.6.0 patch, in which brought a new playable character, reward systems and contents, and gameplay balancing.


  • New playable character: Sonoku, the Monkey King

The playable characters of the Iron League are called “Ironsides”. The game recently announced the new Ironside named Sonoku. Clearly inspired by the mythical monkey from the legend, he is a melee warrior with the playstyle of a trickster.


  • New reward contents: Roulette & Portraits

The new contents were also introduced in the recent update to give users more incentives to play. Users can earn their chance to spin the roulette for extra rewards as they stack up to the number of their gameplay. Also, the current in-game missions provide various types of character portrait icons for the sake of aesthetics. The developers claimed that currently the team is working on the quality improvement of these icons and they will include more cosmetic items.

  • Become a challenger of the new Rank match season!

The game reached its 4th season since its release on Steam. At the end of every season, the League gave a special reward skin to users who have reached platinum tiers or higher. With the 2.6.0 patch, the Season 3 ended and the “Sheriff San” skin was given as the gift of the season.

And what about Season 4? At its end, the “Gladiator Ax” skin will be given away.

  • Ongoing event: All characters available for free & bonus in-game gold!

Celebrating its update, the Iron League started a new gameplay event this week. All Ironsides are playable for free and players are rewarded the double amount of gold reward for each game. If you play Sonoku, the new Ironside, the reward triples!

Iron League is downloadable from Google Play Store, Apple App store, Facebook Gameroom, and Steam. Users on these four platforms all play on the same server with one synchronized account.


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