[A Deep Discussion With Scarra] Scarra Reveals His Thoughts On DL vs qt, Harry Potter, and OfflineTV.

About a month ago, Inven Global contacted Scarra to schedule a quick meetup. We wanted to see how Scarra was doing after his professional League career and his recent success with OfflineTV.

After sitting down with Scarra at a cafe in Beverly Hills, we spoke about his current endeavors and of his future ambitions. This was our first time talking with Scarra face to face, yet his contagious laugh and lighthearted attitude created a bright atmosphere that you wouldn't expect at a meeting with strangers.

As we went through a variety of topics, Scarra gave us occasional peeks into what life was like as a pro in Team Dignitas while also reflecting on how his life is now. We covered everything, from his preference of Harry Potter over Lord Of The Rings, how he's still haunted by not being able to ward bottom tri-bush, his League streams - all the way down to his take on imaqtpie vs Doublelift.

Let's find out what Scarra has to say!

¤ Nice to meet you. First, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I’m Scarra, I play League of Legends (Laughs).

Do you think that was too brief (laughs)? Let me try again. Hi, I’m Scarra, I used to play League of Legends professionally, coach professionally, I've been a professional analyst, and now I’m a content creator/streamer/Youtuber kind of… I fit every bucket. I’ve done everything possible with League of Legends.

¤ You’re very well-known for your former professional career in Team Dignitas. What has changed from then and now? Would you go back to the ‘golden days’?

Well, let me comment on this. I think that’s wrong; I don’t think I’m known for that anymore. I haven’t been playing pro for four-five years now. Actually, if I look at my life cycle, it’s been almost half a decade since I played pro.

I also don’t think it’s possible to ever go back. I don’t think about it, because when I think about stuff, I’m not someone who tends to think and reminisce about the past. That goes for both good and bad things. Anything bad happens to me, I get over it like that (Snaps). But if something good happens to me, I don’t really dwell on that.

I always think about the present and future. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the flowers; I have done a lot of things in this scene, but I don’t really attribute that to me. I really just think it happened, and I move on. I guess it’s just how my personality is.

Going back to the topic, I really do think that it is very strange nowadays. I would have people on my stream chat saying “I didn’t follow you when you were a pro player.” and I’d be like "Wow, that’s mind-boggling to me" and I think that I have to get used to it, because I’ve already accepted that it’s past that time, and 99%, I can’t go back. So I just do what I can do and move forward.

¤ I’ve already seen your HTC video, but still, are there any regrets or things you wanted to do differently in the past? I know you just told me that you don’t look back too much, but still.

A lot of people ask me about regrets in the scene, but as I just told you, I really don’t think too much about the past. If you’re going to ask me if I would do it again, yes. 100 times out of 100 times, I think League of Legends esports was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s one of the best moments of my life. Period.

I don’t have many regrets mainly because I don’t think much about the past, but also because I feel like a lot of failures I had when I was a pro player made me the person I am today. If I went back, the one thing I’d like to say is that I’d like to be publicly a better teammate.

When I think about the best leaders or the best people I look up to, I look at Hai, and I think that he did a lot for his team. I remember multiple times, people on his team were being sh** on, and he made sure, always in public, to be like “F*** you guys, this guy’s the best.” And he did that multiple times. I remember Balls was getting criticized because he wasn’t playing very well, and Hai would publicly defend him.

I think back then, people [in the scene] weren’t mature enough or developed enough to kind of stand up for other people. If you say that for someone, it shows that you have faith in them, you believe them, and it makes you not only a better teammate but a better person. And I think that going back, that would be the only thing that I would change. Maybe more empathy.

¤ I’ll go into OfflineTV later on, but would you do that now if your members were criticized harshly?

I have publicly stuck up for them. Before, if people on my Twitch chat sh** on my team, I would just think it’s funny. But at one point, I just thought 'this is wrong'. Because a lot of the people on OfflineTV are female streamers, they have like terrible communities. So if anyone sh**talks them, I just perma-ban them. I just say if you have a problem with that, maybe don’t sh**talk my housemates who are also my friends.

I think action-wise, I’m trying to be more of the person I wanted to be before. There’s still a long way to go and I think that a lot of the things I’m doing right now, both on a professional and personal level, are covering new ground for me. Even in situations where I really don’t know what to do, I just make the best decision I can. When I look back, I’m like, it might not be the best decision, but I did it, so let’s move on.

¤ You made your transition from player to coach for your team. What led you to that decision?

Honestly, I was kind of pushed out of Dignitas. When I was back on Dig, one day I was told that my team just didn't want me to play anymore. So I moved into a manager position and then I went to PAX East. I was like ‘I haven’t had a break in years, and I’m not coaching you guys really, so you guys are good.’

I got to PAX East, and I got a call like at midnight. It was ODEE, the CEO of Dignitas, he was saying, “You’re back in, you’re playing again.” I was like “What the f*** happened?”. I found out that they couldn’t go with another player (at the time) when I was gone, so I came back with no practice and played in the playoffs.

It was a really bad feeling to be playing on a team after being kicked off. I was also approached about a coaching position at CLG. I just thought that I would take this, and see where it goes. A lot of the time, I was afraid to move out of my comfort zone. So this was one of those things that I thought to myself, “This could be really huge for me. Let’s try it.”

Even to this day, I’m not sure if it was the best decision. I actually think that I should have probably kept playing. However, if I kept playing, I don’t know if I still had the game knowledge to be a decent player. I kind of need a time traveling machine to really figure out if it was the best decision or not (laughs). I made the decision, and it happened. In the end, I realized that I didn’t like coaching that much. In terms of everything I have done: analyst desk, coaching, and streaming. I feel like I love playing the most, streaming the second, and after that...it is just a mess between interviewing, analyst desk, and coaching. It's just all in there.

With this, I was able to identify what I valued the most. I was like “If I prefer playing and streaming over the other options, in what world would I do the other things if streaming gives me more money and I enjoy it more? I knew I was not going to do anything else. I kind of shopped around and increased my skillset all over the place. In the end, I came back to do the exact same thing. I feel like I became more worldly. I know more because I know what’s out there. Honestly, it helps sometimes.

But to sum it all up, I did coaching because I thought it was an interesting experience. I would never ever coach a team again. The reason why I will never coach again is due to myself being unable to be that authoritative figure. I want to work with you to be better. But if you don’t want to work with me… or you just don’t want to get better, I feel like it is just a really hard thing for me to do. I don't think I am well suited, personality-wise, to be in that leadership role. I believe I am better off working with players 1 on 1 and seeing to their development from there.

I don’t believe I belong in that head coach position just because that position requires a lot of responsibility which I am really not willing to step back into.

¤ Who was or still is your closest teammate from Team Dignitas?

I would probably say KiWiKiD is probably the most consistent member alongside Crumbz. Usually, on the team, Crumbz always did his own thing. He was kind of the lone wolf. So, it was just me, KiWi, qt, and the new guy. Whoever the new guy was. Even to this day; I ate with KiWi and qt this week. They just moved to LA. We are just streaming and s***. It is a really good time, honestly. They are my closest friends.

That being said, generally speaking, KiWi is the person I am closest to. I think this is because he is the type of person that would reach out. If KiWi is your friend, he will really be there for you. While streaming, playing, and doing OfflineTV, I found that relationships are a big deal. Maintaining relationships is significant. It doesn’t matter if you are dating someone. Just reaching out and saying “Hey, do you want to grab something to eat and catch up?” That is something that takes maintenance and time.

It is really important. If you value your relationship with them, you will do it. I am terrible at this. If you ask any of my friends, I never do this. I think KiWiKiD is just one of those guys. He is a good guy. He’ll just do this… you know? Despite me and qt not being that close, KiWi would always drag us together. It was just like old times. We would grab Danny (Shiphtur) as well and have dinner together. KiWi is my closest friend on Dig for sure.

¤ I saw that whole “Who is paying for this” bit.

Oh, yeah. qt never pays (laughs).

¤ Were there any funny moments when you were in Team Dignitas?

This is actually such a frequently-asked question. Every time on stream, people would ask me “Tell us a funny story!” but I can’t. My memory is so bad. Do you remember when I said that I was very forward thinking? Because of this, it causes my memory to be really bad as well. I don’t remember any moments when I was a pro player. People always ask me, “Do you remember meeting me here? I was that Asian guy at the League of Legends event in season 2.” I’m like “That is impossible to remember. How could you possibly say that to me?”

<>In terms of funny stories, me, KiWi, and qt used to always do random stuff together. I remember there was this Indian place we would always go for food. As we went to it one day, I don’t know why this sticks out to me but, we passed this kindergarten or middle/preschool place. I was in the car with KiWi and qt. I think it was me or KiWiKiD who was like “Oh look qt, there is a school over here. So when are you going to finish your education?” For some reason, this just stuck with me. It sounds super lame when I explain it, but it was so funny in the moment. This memory always comes up whenever we interact with each other.

Another funny story is... Well I think it is funny when I think back to it. Anyways, in one of our competitive games back in the day, qt killed himself while trying to steal golems from CLG. It was a disastrous moment. We literally lost the game off it. I had never been more pissed. When you look back on it, it is the funniest moment that you will ever see. But in the moment, I was like “I can’t believe you sacrificed our entire game plan for this qt. You motherf*****.” But, qt was always that type of guy. He didn’t care or give a s*** about a lot of things.

Back then, the scene was really amateur so no one would start scrims on time. I always felt like it was a game of chicken. Every single day, it was “How late are we going to be? How late are the other teams going to be?” That was really the question. I tried my best to make sure people were there on time. One of the times during scrims, qt was like “F*** this. They are not going to be here on time. Let’s go get food.” He just walks out of the house. He just goes to get food. I had to apologize saying “I am so sorry...We just need 20 minutes.” We go get food and come back. Turns out… they weren’t ready. I was so done. I was so pissed.

¤ Enough with the past, let’s talk about what you have been up to now. You helped create and are a part of “OfflineTV”, a very popular content creation team. How did this all come about?

Uh.. I think I just wanted to live with friends. That was the origin of it. I wanted to live with people and make cool stuff with other people. It was myself and my manager Chris who started this idea. It just led to where it is today. I can’t say that there was a formula we followed. We faced a lot of problems along the way. However, thanks to these problems, I feel like we came out stronger.

When I first started, I just had a spreadsheet of people I wanted to work with. Some of these people were just impossible to get. At that time, one of the biggest streamers were Hearthstone streamers. I wanted to work with them. Kripp and Trump were actually on the list. I knew I had no way of working with them. It was so early that even Toast wasn’t streaming yet. I remember I really wanted to work with Poki. I knew she was a popular girl League streamer, and I also knew she was going to be a really cool person. I remember I looked at Lily’s name and thought to myself “She is never going to work with me.” After that, I crossed her name out (laughs). Fed was never on the original list. I remember Poki and Lily being in the top 5-10 on the list of people I wanted to work with.

I crossed out Lily’s name and thought “Poki is probably the only person I can get from this list” (laughs). Coming all this way, I think it is funny to see the people we have in the house right now. I believe it worked out way better than I expected. Better than I could ever hope for actually.

¤ So Poki was the first member for OfflineTV?

Actually… I would say BasedYoona was one of the first. Before OfflineTV even started, I had a separate place with BasedYoona and Fragnatic. We had big dreams at first. We wanted to be big Viners and popping off on content. Never f****** happened. We failed so hard there that the only way to get better was to double down and try it with this new house with twice as many people. This is how OfflineTV actually happened. I would say Yoona, Chris, me, and Poki were the first four.

We parted ways with Yoona, and Chris no longer works with Offline. It was me and Poki for some time until we picked up our editor and now ‘content creator’. It’s just so funny. We got Lily and Toast right after. We got Albert as well. He is super talented. OfflineTV is still very grassroots. We are still trying to make a profit, to be honest. OfflineTV, for me, has been nothing more than a money sink. But, I was told early in my career that the best thing to do is to invest in myself. Instead of investing in something financial, you should invest in your personal self.

I feel like OfflineTV is a way to do that. Not only do I understand the business aspect of things but also the social aspect of things. Something that I gave up when I was a pro player. Really just understanding how to work with a new group of people and focusing on how to create new things. That is a big deal. [Despite] some of the problems OfflineTV gives me, what I get in return is way more valuable than what I could have possibly gotten from investing in anything else.

¤ You are currently living with multiple streamers and content creators. What is that like? Is it similar to living with pro league players or is it vastly different?

I would say that it is not similar. First, the house is a lot bigger. Two, our workspace is not together. Our personal workspace is in our individual bedrooms. I have had days when I just don’t see people in my house. The house has two floors and a basement that has its own area. The basement has a kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms.

It is a much better workspace compared to gaming houses because interacting and working with your teammates every single day can be stressful. It is a lot more comfortable working in the OfflineTV house than in a gaming house. When we were setting this whole thing up, I made sure that we all had individual bedrooms and bathrooms. Which is why it is so expensive. Also the reason why we had to go to Beverly Hills; other places didn’t provide that.

¤ If you had to pick one person as your favorite OfflineTV member, who would it be?

Urgh… are you really going to make me pick my favorite child? That’s what it sounds like. I think when it comes to this, I believe I would choose Fed. Not because I don’t care for the other people in the house, I think what makes the house work is that people are very authentic to themselves. This is how streamers got along. You watch streamers because they are s***** actors. They can’t hide and control their facial expressions, emotions, and body language.

If they are having a good day, you know they are having a good day. If they are having a bad day or playing a game they don’t like, you know clearly. There is no hiding. Anyone with functioning eyes can see that. This is [how it is] with everyone in the house. The thing that Fed does which I really like is him being our anchor. Fed anchors a lot of people in the house. I feel like Fed is the only person that is close to a lot of people in the house.

Because of this, people would come up to him all the time to ask for advice. Fed is just a good friend. When I talked about KiWiKiD being a good friend and reaching out, I think that Fed is a good example of that in the house. Fed is the type of person who always reaches out and is always down to do stuff. You know he is the most dependable person to go to. This is the reason why I like Fed the best. Not to say I don’t like the other people, but you know… you made me choose (laughs).

¤ A couple of times, you were seen being coached on how to play Hearthstone by Disguised Toast. Are you an avid Hearthstone player and would you consider yourself good?

A little bit, yeah. But, I don’t consider myself a good Hearthstone player. I mean...I hit legend 4-6 times. However, I typically have high standards when it comes to games. When I look at League of Legends, I don’t consider myself a good player. I believe, at the bare minimum, that you need to be Challenger to be a good player. I am nowhere near that right now. I just fell to Diamond 1.

In Hearthstone, I feel the same way. I believe legend is the standard where you understand the game enough where I would consider you as a player. After that, I would consider you good. I would always watch Kolento. If you ever see Kolento play and hear him talk about his plays, you realize that this guy is a monster. He is playing chess. You’re watching him play Hearthstone, but he is actually just playing chess.

Kolento knows what the opponent is going to do 3 turns in advance. He has one out, and he plays to it 52 turns before. When I look at how I play, I realize that I am nowhere near his level. But yeah, I wouldn’t consider myself good in Hearthstone.

In terms of the games I have played, I would consider myself good at 3 games. World of Warcraft Arena, Heroes of Newerth, and League of Legends. Only in those 3 games. I was top 10 in my battlegroup for WoW. I was top 100 in HoN. I would always play with players that were considered professionals, but I was always given support (laughs). However, in that game, support is actually a very important role. In League, I obviously was pro. Outside of those games, I cannot confidently say that I consider myself being good.

Oh actually, when Hearthstone first came out, I considered myself to be good. At one point, I was rank 100 legend. I understood the meta perfectly. If you put me in a tournament back then, I think I could place top 10. Top 16. Top 30… or something. Outside of that...hell no.

¤ There is a joke about Fed not being a content creator because he is an editor. What are your thoughts?

The thing about what Fed does is that he never wants to do the same thing over and over again. This is why he does a lot of IRL streams and doesn't necessarily just play games. Sometimes, you need to think about what you are going to do for a day. In a creative sense, it is very difficult. Writers have the same problem. The way that Fed does it is he thinks “Is there anything interesting to do today?” Some days, he focuses on expanding his social media brand.

I don’t think people know how much work is put in to being an actual streamer. I believe that standard streamers like myself and other League streamers are, for lack of a better word, pretty lazy. We do one thing that we know how to do well, which is streaming League of Legends. We don’t really do any of the other stuff. When you look at smaller streamers, they are doing crazy stuff. Every time they get a sub, they have pop off animations. They do special events like cosplay streams.

When I look at top streamers that have been around for a long time, all they do is play League. But, they can get away with that. If you are looking to grow and especially if you’re not a top streamer, the thing I always tell people is that you need to give the people a reason to watch you. Knowing what that is and developing your brand at the same time is extremely difficult.

Fed knows why people watch him. He is a very interesting guy, and he is an IRL king, to be honest. These kinds of streamers find something to do every day, but it takes its toll. I could just turn on my stream and play League every day...12 hours a day..7 days a week...365 days a year. You come to my stream, and you know what you’re going to get. When you go to Fed’s stream, he is just like “I am going to a haunted zoo tonight.” or “This hotel had serial killers, and it shut down. But it recently re-opened, so I am staying here for tonight.” or “I’m going to go down Beverly Hills with a Pikachu outfit I got in Japan.” It is actually all new stuff.

Whatever happens in Fed’s stream, you know it is going to be different, new, and for the most part… exciting. I think he does a great job of fostering that type of community too. I believe he has one of the best discord communities available. For most people giving him s*** about not streaming, a majority of that is a joke. Recently, Fed was sick for a week so he couldn’t do that.

I think all you need to look at is how much effort he puts into his streams, the house, and his growth. In terms of growth, I have grown the least. Everyone else has explosive growth. A lot of how they are growing so fast is due to their awareness of what to do in certain situations. Me personally, I am trying to find my groove. I stopped being a player and a coach. Doing the same routine over and over again only works if you’re already on top. I am trying to figure out something new to do or [a way to] reinvent the wheel.

When you are really popular and move down from that, the question that comes to your mind is “How do I stay relevant?” It is a very interesting question that you need to ask yourself. It doesn't necessarily apply only to when you have fallen, but when you want to grow as well. I feel everyone has a different answer to that question, and I am still trying to find my own answer right now.

¤ Do you know what a Brain Map is?

What is this? I have never seen this in my life.

¤ All you have to do is fill in what you think of the most to the least.

Oh okay.

*Few minutes of drawing*

I think about League every day. I could probably replace everything with League of Legends, and I would be fine. In general, I think of League the most, OfflineTV the second most, and my personal brand. By personal brand, I mean what do I really want to be in the future. Do I want to be a movie star or have an increase in a variety of skill sets? For example, should I take more improv classes to be better on camera? The answer is probably yes. This is something that I am looking to do in the future.

The only casual thing I do is read. I believe I read an hour or two.. maybe more a day. I spend a lot of time thinking about reading. Usually, it is fantasy fiction.

Personal relationships have been creeping up recently. Generally, I see a lot of my friends getting married or going out, dating. To be honest, I had more relationships when I was in the scene. It all ended kind of poorly because I wanted to focus on work. I still want to focus on work, but I am more open to the idea of it now. I am not necessarily permanently working towards personal relationships, but I am thinking about it here and there you know? (laughs)

But yeah, this is it. I don’t have that many layers you know? I am not an onion. You can’t peel me and find something deeper underneath. This is literally me every day. Literally, if you had me describe my past few days besides doing sponsorship stuff, it would be: I wake up. Play League and World of Warcraft until I go to sleep 15 hours later. That is it for a full week. Not even kidding.

¤ I am not sure if you remember, but there was a trending meme way back when you failed to ward the tri-bush in bot lane multiple times. Have you mastered that now?

Oh, I remember. No (laughs), I have never gone back to master it. It is weird because I have been talking about this with other people. I essentially talked about legacy with people. What you are leaving behind. What are people going to remember you for? As a former pro player, I want to be remembered for my cool performances, amazing plays, or being a good player. Instead, I’m remembered as the guy who couldn’t ward. I think that is very tragic for me (laughs). Although I kind of wish it was different, at least I am remembered for something. I can’t really complain.

¤ Best ups and downs of streaming full-time?

Oh s*** (laughs). The worst downside of streaming and content creation is that numbers mean everything. You are looking constantly at your viewers. I never look. I ban myself from looking. I never know how many viewers I have till the very end of the stream. When I am losing, I take a quick peek but that is about it.

The reasoning behind this is because it is so easy to think “Oh, I didn’t hit this number this week. Last week I hit this much.” It happens on Youtube, and it happens on Twitch. You can kill yourself by worrying about numbers. Because your income is based on how many people see you, you can literally bury yourself. If I am doing poorly, I don’t acknowledge it way past its life cycle, which is bad.

The best thing about streaming is the interaction with the people. I don’t really like calling them fans because it essentially creates a wall between you and your viewers. I called people who followed me when I was a pro as fans. But for my community, there is something unique about fostering a community around you and doing good things. Every single month, people reach out to me saying “I was in a tough spot, but you and your personality made me a happier person.”

There is only one other job in the world when people can say that, and it involves a surgical table. It feels good when people say that. Maybe it is a bit narcissistic, right? For people to come in and be like “You changed my life for the better.” In the end, that kind of statement… there is no higher high than that. It is very fulfilling.

I could be making more money out of streaming if I wanted to, but I choose not to. It is not all about the money. Even though maybe it should be. Maybe I’m an idiot... I am an idiot. Don’t worry about it.

¤ Before, you were famous for your Katarina. What are some of your favorite and most confident champions now?

Holy s***. Before they changed Nunu, I loved AP Nunu jungle. I had a 72% win rate. Between Diamond, Masters, and Challenger, I had over 35 games. I would literally never lose on that champion. But they changed him, so now it is a little bit different.

Usually, I would answer this question right now, but my picks change all the time. Recently, I have been playing a lot of Lissandra and Gragas. I’m not very good at those champions right now so… To be honest with you, back when it was meta, my Sejuani was insane. My comfort pick in the jungle right now is Amumu. I am literally rated the 4th best Amumu player in North America. Actually. If you go to the ranking sites, I’m number 4. It is really funny actually.  

Aside from that, when it comes to mid lane, I feel like I always liked Kassadin. I could pick him into any matchup and be comfortable with it. Despite what I said, Kassadin has a lot of losing matchups. Oh, wait...this is easy. My Talon is the best. The only reason why I lose Talon games… 100%... is because I f***** up (laughs). It is extremely rare when the other player gets the better of me. It is almost always because I messed up super bad. It is legitimately a free win as long as I don’t kill myself.

¤ You and other league players created the “Dream Team” way back with famous players such as Dyrus. What happened to that team?

It was created kind of off a whim. Another team wanted to sponsor us but then Echo Fox was just like “Let’s just do this”. We did it, and we lost like every game. The original plan was for us to scrim against their academy team. However, Riot actually didn’t let us do that. Although we practiced more for the Tyler 1 Series than we did with the Delta Fox one, I believe you will see more from us soon.

*Speed Run*

¤ I am going to ask you a few questions in rapid succession and you need to try and answer them as fast as possible without thinking. You ready?

Oh no...I always like to think before. Alright.

¤ What do you prefer? Pizza or Hamburgers?


¤ Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings?

Harry Potter.

¤ Who will win? Griffin or kt?

Neither (laughs). Nah, uh...kt. NO WAIT...100% Griffin.

*Scarra’s answer was before the 2018 LCK Summer Finals*

¤ Jam or Peanut Butter?

Peanut Butter.

¤ What's scarier? Zombies or Ghost?


¤ Who is better? qt or Doublelift?


¤ Bad Teemo or Bad Yasuo?

Bad Teemo.

¤ Could you explain your answers one by one?

Yeah, sure. I prefer Harry Potter even though I am a huge fantasy fan. Harry Potter, for me, got me into reading fantasy fiction. Hence, I have always had a soft spot for Harry Potter. When the movies came out, I watched none of them. The Harry Potter books sit beside my all time favorite book, which is Ender’s Game. I've read Ender’s Game probably over 10 times. It used to be something that I could go back and read every year.

In terms of Griffin vs kt. I chose Griffin because I like their story more. Plus, I don’t think Score ever wins. The funny thing is, everyone keeps telling me “Rookie is literally insane. He is the best player in his position.” But then, Rookie never wins. Same with Score. Everyone is like “Score is the best jungler in the world,” but Score never wins either. It is actually unbelievable. At this point, I am like “Stop talking about it.”

*Scarra’s answer was before the 2018 LCK Summer Finals*

¤ What about qt vs Doublelift?

*Sigh*. I think Doublelift is way better now. Actually, there was a time when qt was more flexible as a player than Doublelift. Flexible as in qt knew what he was doing and what he should be doing at most times. Way before Doublelift did. Now, qt is non stop streaming and Doublelift is playing competitively.

I think qt is a good enough player to go back into the LCK and probably place in the middle tier. At the moment, Doublelift is better. Doublelift is actually so good.

¤ Bad Teemo vs Bad Yasuo?

I actually don’t mind Yasuo at all. I genuinely think that Yasuo is a great champion to have in the game. When I play against a Yasuo, I think “If this guy f**** up, we are going to win.” If he doesn’t, I’m like “Oh, wow. Well played. Good job.” When I have a Yasuo on my team, I just hope the player doesn’t feed his ass off.

In general, I really don’t care about Yasuo. It is strange because I know Lily hates Yasuo so much. Every single draft phase, she will ban Yasuo. Regardless of what she plays, it doesn’t matter. For me, I love playing against Yasuo. I get to play 4-6 picks that I couldn’t have before. I also think that it is very easy to kill Yasuo players. Yasuo, for me, has no hatred involved. I believe a bad Teemo is much worse.

¤ If you could pick 10 players, 2 for each position, to be in the hall of fame, who would you pick?

Holy s***. Let me think. I would pick Doublelift and sOAZ for sure. Now the question is, do I put the whole season 3 Fnatic in. xPeke, for example, was a player who was insane, right? Rekkles has been around for a long time. Maybe Bigfatgg. That's because, for the first period of season 1, he was untouchable. Bigfatgg was literally the best player in the world, guaranteed.

¤ Any Koreans?

Oh gosh, I almost forgot. I would put Faker in there, and Ambition. Ambition is actually a monster. He was the mid laner I looked up to the most outside of Apdo. In season 3, I learned how to play Kassadin into Orianna thanks to Apdo.

For Ambition, I always respected him. I would usually look at how many games he would play per season. Every time I checked, he had 2000 or 3000 games played. Ambition, for me, was the embodiment of “This guy works hard to be the greatest.” He was never a person who would not play that many soloq games and be good. I think Ambition is good because he spams a s*** load of games. On top of this, he has a World Championship title on a different position. It is just crazy.

It really depends - who you put into the hall of fame - because it defers from season to season. I would say definitely sOAZ and Doublelift as they have been the longest standing professional players of all time. I feel like I could only do the NA region because it is so difficult. Like at one point can I put in Hotshot and Reginald? At what point can I put in Xpecial? For 4 years, he was, if not the best, one of the best supports in the region.

My honest answer is...I don’t know.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say to the readers? Maybe promote OfflineTV?

I am always very confused at this part. This is because when I was a pro player, this is when you could plug in those sponsors. I would say things like “Thank you for sponsoring me… this... this… and this.” Nowadays, the message I want to tell my fans is a little bit different. I hope you guys follow and like my content. I hope you guys enjoy OfflineTV.

A lot of the time, people would come to my stream and say “I’m sorry I don’t have the money to subscribe” or “I’m sorry I don’t have the money to support you.” For me, that makes me feel really bad. I always tell them “Don’t worry about the money, dude. I don’t care.” If you watch and care about what I do, that is all I care about. I think this is the same message I want to say.

If you guys watch and enjoy what I do, thank you so much. If you guys don’t, it is not a big deal. Legit. I don’t care if you guys don’t like some of the things I do. As long as you guys like someone. If that someone makes you happy, that’s it right? I always try the best for myself. Therefore, I hope for nothing but the best for my fans.


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