[LCK Regional Qualifiers] Gen.G Coach Edgar: "Griffin is a team that is ranked above us. However, this does not mean we can’t beat them."

On the 12th at the Gangnam Nexon Arena for the 2018 LCK Summer regional qualifiers, Gen.G eSports beat SKT T1 3:2 and secured their spot in the second round. In games 1 and 3, Gen.G made uncoordinated movements and frequent mistakes. This resulted in a lack of performance. However, starting from game 4, Gen.G was able to close out the series thanks to their execution in extended team fights and macro.

Below are the interview responses from Gen.G’s coach, Edgar.

¤ How do you feel after winning a close series against SKT and qualifying for the second round of regionals?

The players must have been exhausted. I am very thankful that the players were ablle to keep their focus till the very end. I will start preparing for our next game right away and hopefully do well.

¤ The player swap resulted well. Did you prepare this beforehand?

Crown was ready to be swapped in, and Haru did not play scrims for about a week. Despite this, he performed exceptionally well in soloq. I knew Haru would perform equally as well on stage today.

¤ The losses in games 1 and 3 must have been a bit unfortunate. What do you think are the reasons for those losses?

Although we had mid-jungle priority in game 1, we easily gave it away. In game 3, we made a lot of mistakes and our calls did not execute properly. We lost those games because we made very basic mistakes.

¤ After seeing the Akali pick, how did you go about countering it?

There are a lot of mid laners that can counter/match Akali. Since we had already prepared against playing Akali, we had a few pocket picks up our sleeve. One of those being Lissandra.

¤ Your next game is against Griffin. What are your predictions?

They are a second place team. In addition to this, Griffin is a team that is ranked above us. However, this does not mean we can’t beat them. Because we have practiced a lot, our players have a lot of confidence right now.

¤ Gen.G seems to perform better in Autumn. What do you think are the chances that Gen.G finishes strong in this Autumn?

As a coach, I have a lot of regrets. The players displayed strong performances in the very last moments of the split. On the other hand, I can’t help but think what it would have been like if they had performed better in the earlier parts of the split. In addition, I had my doubts that it would be possible for us to make it this split. As time passed, we all gained the sense of urgency. We all believed that we could do well.

¤ In regards to Gen.G’s bot lane, they participated in the 2018 Asian Games. They must have been exhausted.

Although the players were exhausted, there was nothing that they could do. Aside from being tired, our bot lane made a lot of mistakes at the Asian Games. I like to believe, that because of the Asian Games, they learned a lot.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

Today, Kevin Chou, co-owner of Gen.G, and several executives came out to watch the games. I want to thank them for supporting us. Currently, all of the players are receiving PT lessons to help with their physical conditioning. Because all 5 players exercise frequently, they were able to retain their focus for all five games. Also, I want to thank all the teams that have helped us practice.

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