Gen.G Crown: “Although Griffin is a strong team, they are probably exhausted right now.”

On the 12th of September, Gen.G defeated SKT T1 in the 2018 LCK Summer regional qualifiers.

Despite SKT displaying an incredible performance in games 1 and 3, Gen.G refused to get run over. Taking a game off SKT in game 2, Gen.G found their footing in games 4 and 5. Stopping SKT's chances to go to Worlds, Gen.G showed that they are worthy to challenge Griffin in their upcoming game.

After the games, SPOTV interviewed Crown and Ruler from Gen.G. Below are the interview responses.


¤ Today’s series was a tough one. How did it feel to go up against SKT T1?

Crown: I feel incredibly happy. To explain it as simply as I can, I feel happy. Despite playing on stage after a long period of time, I didn’t necessarily feel pressured or nervous at all. I thought to myself “If I lose, let’s lose fast. If we win, I’ll feel very happy.”

Ruler: The series was even more a valuable win because it was so difficult. Due to my lackluster performance prior, I am happy that I was able to play well today.

¤ Crown’s Ryze was amazing today.

Crown: Despite the few instances when I got caught out, we didn’t lose too much out of it thanks to my teammates. Getting consistent leads, I knew that the game was winnable.

Ruler: In addition to us playing well, we didn’t slack on objectives either. Since I was Ashe against Ezreal, I knew that, when it comes to late game carry potential, we had the upper hand.

¤ This series went to all 5 games. How did your team prepare when Akali was picked?

Crown: We let Faker take Akali on purpose. Because we already practiced playing against Akali beforehand, we played against Akali with relative ease.

Ruler: When we were losing 2:1, I was very concerned. I am glad we won. Before today, I thought to myself “As long as we beat SKT, we can make it to Worlds.” Since we won today’s series, I am confident that we can qualify for Worlds.

¤ The next regional qualifier match is against Griffin. How will you guys prepare for the upcoming series?

Crown: Currently, Griffin is performing extremely well. Although I think they will be a bit worn out, I’ll try my best to perform well.

Ruler: Both Griffin and Kingzone are strong teams. However, ignoring this fact, I will try even harder to prepare against them. I hope you guys can provide us with a lot of support.

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