Guide to Specter Chase Stage 1-12 in Returners: Pick the Right Heroes for Easy Progression

The Specter Chase is one of the main features that you can enjoy from the early phase of Returners, but it becomes more difficult with each stage so it’s not really easy to complete the whole thing.

So, here is a guide to get you through the Specter Chase more easily! The Specter Chase requires a fair amount of heroes, transcendence, and gear, so just knowing how to get through the floors won’t help if you’re not properly equipped. However, it is still helpful to know up to what stage you can make it through at your current state, and what gear & team comps you should aim for in order to go even further.


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◆ The Basics You Need to Know before Joining Specter Chase

Prior to joining the Specter Chase, you will need to know what Specter Chase is, how the battles will go, and what mindset you should have in order to clear it.

The Specter Chase has a total of 16 stages, which you advance through by using the right heroes to defeat a variety of monsters. The heroes that have already been used to clear a stage cannot be used again in other stages, so you will need to plan out which hero you will be using at each stage. Certain heroes are needed to complete higher stages so don’t use them in lower stages; instead, save them for when you absolutely need them.

Players who have good gear equipped on all heroes won’t find it hard to complete all stages but players who don’t will struggle. The biggest question most players have is “how do you clear the lower stages if you save all the strong heroes for the higher ones?” The easiest solution to that would be to switch your gear between heroes.

Regardless of how many stages you have completed in the Specter Chase, you can switch your gear in team management at any time. For example, if your Jumong has the best gear in your team, then unequip that gear from Jumong and equip other rangers with it to complete the lower stages. This may seem a bit tedious, but it will certainly help you climb up to the higher stages, so make sure to do it!

Also, when you are switching gear, try to be flexible; if your ranger gear consists of 7-Star Legendaries and your fighter gear is a mix of less than 6-Star Legendaries & Rares, then it might be better to just equip your fighters with the 7-Star Legendary ranger gear. For those who don’t have enough gear yet and are focusing on upgrading their gear one by one, remember that switching gear like this could help you make it to more stages than you would without switching.


▲ Feel free to switch gear regardless of class!


◆ Guide for Stage 1-4 / 6-8 / 10-12: Place Your Tank in the 2nd Slot!

The stages 1-4, 6-8, and 10-12 in Specter Chase are where only normal monsters spawn. From stage 1 to 4, only heroes above grade 3 can join and each of them will need at least 2,000~2,500 CP. From stage 6 to 8, only heroes above grade 4 can join and each of them will need at least 4,000~4,500 CP. Lastly, from stage 10 to 12, only heroes above grade 5 can join and each of them will need around 7,000 CP.

Heroes with Rare gear can easily clear stages 1-4. From stages 6-8, you will need to upgrade your Rare gear and have mid or higher Runes for smooth victories. From 10-12, your heroes will need to be equipped with Legendaries to win.


Except for the 1st stage, stages 2-4, 6-8, and 10-12 each have 2, 3, and 5 monsters spawning, and you can place 2, 3, and 5 heroes in each stage. One thing you will need to remember is that there always is a monster that has CC skills. There are 3 main types of monsters with CCs in these stages: Mashiro, which inflicts confusion; Mandragora, which has stun; and End of Innocence; which inflicts fear. This is why you would need a team comp that can counter these CC skills.

One of the most basic rules is that you should place your tank on the front line, in the 2nd slot from the leftmost slot. All enemies in Specter Chase don’t have any preferred targets so the heroes placed at the front will be attacked first; the 2nd slot is where the most damage and CC are focused. This is why you would need a tank that can survive even when it is hit with CC.

However, you don’t necessarily have to use a tank if the enemy uses confusion because monsters don’t attack confused targets first. If you do use a tank in this situation, pick one that has high defense but low attack so that they don’t kill ally heroes. Other ally heroes should also have high defense to withstand your tank’s attacks. If your enemy has a confusion skill and you placed your most powerful DPS in the 2nd slot and supports in the rest of the slots, you’d lose in a second. If you deal with that accordingly, then these stages should be fairly easy to clear.


▲Place a tank who will take all the CC attacks in the 2nd slot!



◆ Stage 5 / 9 - Deep-Sea Fish & Arctic Watcher: The First Boss Fight!

Stages 5 and 9 are where the boss fights begin -- and the main place players taste the bitterness of defeat, especially if they’ve only played Adventure stages. The bosses are Deep-sea Fish and Arctic Watcher, although the order in which boss appears first randomly changes whenever you reset the Specter Chase. If Deep-sea Fish appears in stage 5, then you’ll be fighting against Arctic Watcher in stage 9. The boss in stage 5 has just less than 5,000 CP and the stage 9 boss has a bit less than 8,000 CP.

First, Deep-sea Fish deals magical damage; it has high magical attack and magical defense, but its physical defense is low. It has two skills; one of the skills, Abyssal Pressure, pushes the targets back and slows them down, and the other one, Abyssal Solitude, increases its attack speed if there is no enemy around it.

If you consider this, the heroes you want to use to kill Deep-sea Fish would be fighters who can quickly move in close to inflict physical damage and have high magical defense. The most recommended heroes would be Sun Wukong, Guan Yu, and Musashi. In the case of Sun Wukong, she is very useful since her clones will stay close to Deep-sea Fish even when the real one is pushed away, preventing Deep-sea Fish from increasing its attack speed using Abyssal Solitude.

If your fighter’s gear or level isn’t great, then you could use rangers like Genghis Khan who deal additional damage to mages. However, using ranged DPS will not only make you deal less damage (since your heroes will keep getting pushed away) but Deep-sea Fish will keep getting attack speed buffs. So if you aim to take down the boss with a ranger, give them gear that will help them deal damage as quickly as possible.


▲ Either pick fighters or ranged DPS like Genghis Khan to kill Deep-sea Fish.


Arctic Watcher, on the other hand, is the opposite of Deep-sea Fish; it deals physical melee damage and charges at its target while recovering health. Also, if there are any enemies around, its physical and magical defense will increase. It is hard to prevent it from increasing its defense since it uses basic melee attacks as well as charge attacks. Just like the Deep-sea Fish, Arctic Watcher has high magical defense and low physical defense.

Xiang Yu is a hero you can use to defeat Arctic Watcher; you can decrease its high physical attack with Xiang Yu’s Overlord Roar skill, and Xiang Yu will deal a lot of damage since Arctic Watcher’s physical defense is low.

If your Xiang Yu isn’t scaled enough to use, then you might want to consider using Jumong. Jumong’s Arrow Storm inflicts 1.5 more damage to fighters, and since Arctic Watcher doesn't have any separate CC skills, Jumong’s high DPS can shine in this stage.

There are other heroes that deal additional damage to fighters like Iori Yagami or Medusa, but they aren’t really recommended; their damage is based on magical damage so they won’t be dealing as much damage to Arctic Watcher as Jumong would and they are highly dependant on their CC skills which is useless against bosses with CC immunity.


▲ Use Xiang Yu to defeat Arctic Watcher.

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