First "swatting" now this: a drive-by shooter fired into DrDisRespect's home during Twitch broadcast.




DrDisRespect isn't a stranger to online harassment. Being one of the biggest streamers on Twitch has caused his online play sessions to become a prime target for attention seeking trolls, griefers and fans looking to get his attention through any means possible.

But someone has taken things way too far.

Today, this chilling moment was captured during one of DrDisRespect's live stream. In the clip below, the sounds of a gunshot are heard immediately giving cause for DrDisRespect to investigate:

Upon learning that someone has fired into his home, where his wife and child live, the top Twitch streamer is understandably furious. DrDisRespect, discarding his usual costume and over-the-top character, seems to speak directly to the person doing the shooting, linking this incident with a prior shooting into his home just a day ago and berating the shooters cowardice.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time a popular online personality has had their safety threatenedd by, presumably, a deranged online fan who became a real-life threat.

You may recall the situation with popular YouTuber Meg Turney, who had a crazed fan drive 11 hours to her residence, break in, and fire a gunshot. Thankfully, Turney and her husband hid safely when the invasion happened, but authorities later confirmed that the shooter had the intent to kill out of jealousy.

▲ Social media was filled with shock and sympathy for DrDisRespect and his family.

Earlier in the year, DrDisRespect was the victim of a "swatting" incident in which stream viewers, as part of a deadly prank, called local authorities with a fake crisis story intended to lure armed police
officers to break into the streamers residence.

While the allure of being a gaming personality on Twitch is still a dream job for many, events like this are a valid reminder of the unchecked and unprecedented dangers that come along with live streaming and massive internet fame. Unlike traditional methods of celebrity that come with it a noticeable aura of unapproachability, streamers and online content creators regularly film and broadcast from inside their own homes.

This increased level of connectivity and fan interaction make it easier for fans to hone in on their day-to-day location and pull dangerous stunts like the ones DrDisRespect has been victim to. While this is the second time someone has shot into DrDisRespect's home, it isn't clear yet whether it is the same person or perhaps the start of a dangerous trend.


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