[LCK Finals] MVP Award Goes to kt Score... First Finals Win And MVP Title.

On the 8th at the Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium for the LCK Summer finals, kt Rolster defeated Griffin and secured 1st place. This was the first trophy ever earned by kt. The finals MVP went to kt Score.

Score is like the mascot for his team. kt Score has been apart of kt and wearing their uniform since 2012 till this present day. During this Summer LCK finals, Score played, to no surprise, a significant role. In particular, Score’s Nocturne pick in the 5th game was nothing short of a masterpiece. Although Nocturne was recently rated poorly, Score picked Nocturne without hesitation. This pick gave constant threat to Griffin quintessential pick, Velkoz. Every time there was a kill present on the map, Nocturne was involved.

For Score, the MVP award meant more to him than what people expect. Ever since 2011, Score has been performing as a professional player. He has always been a top tier player. However, it was not all fun and games for Score. After having felt his limit as an ADC, Score switched roles to jungle. Score was always so close but constantly failed to win a title.

The title of ‘The guy who always places 2nd’ was not funny at all to Score. Despite this, Score was finally able to let go of his burden by winning the Summer finals. On top of all this, he was even rewarded the series MVP. Today is, by far, the best moment for Score.

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