[2018 LCK Summer Finals] KT vs Griffin reactions: "Ucal: Score. Congratulations! What? Score, what’s happening?"

kt Rolster vs Griffin finals reactions 

[Before game 1]

It was indeed a frustrating year for LCK in international tournaments… However, I’m pretty sure that this LCK Summer final will be highly competitive. It’s going to be so much fun.

ㄴ Don’t who’ll win, but I bet it’s going to 3:2.

ㄴ That’s what I’m hoping as well.

It’s time for KT to win.

ㄴ I’m thinking Griffin will win. KT… They let me down so many times.

ㄴ Griffin needs some more ‘education’ before going to Worlds.  


I’m thinking of grabbing chicken while watching the finals. Can anyone recommend a chicken franchise?


ㄴYo, that too savage.


  Meanwhile, in the Afreeca Freecs gaming house...


Let me predict… After 5 hours I bet the articles will use, “Score’s second-place jynx was hard to overcome. Griffin defeats KT 3:2.”

ㄴ Might as well use “3:0”.

ㄴ Well, if it’s about KT… There needs to be a number “2” in there.

Faker’s prophecy. “Griffin will win.”


“Smeb: The 2nd place jynx is only on Score, so I don’t care.” LOL. I love this guy.

ㄴ Yeah, but Smeb should remember what happened in Worlds against SKT.

ㄴ Poor Score. Getting flamed by his own teammate.

ㄴ Samsung White Mata: “What about me?”

ㄴ But got to remember that Mata lost in this stadium as well.


Look at the statistics… KT seems like they’re on top.

ㄴ I do want Griffin to win, but I’ll bet KT will win 3:1.


Heard Afreeca Freecs players will be commentating in their live streams.

ㄴ It’ll be a one-sided/biased thing since Afreeca will proceed to Worlds if KT wins.

ㄴ Yeah, Spirit has been rooting for KT in his live streams.


What?? 5 jungle bans?

ㄴ Olaf, Trundle, Taliyah, Kindred and Gragas…

ㄴ ZAC!!!! It’s going to be so interesting.

ㄴ What!!! Jynx and Victor picked by KT!

ㄴ Urgot from Griffin!



Game 1

What? Why are there 2 Tahm Kenches picked by Griffin?

ㄴ Come on OGN.

ㄴ Two Kench!

ㄴ And there comes the pause.


[Counter gank by Tarzan]

Yo Chovy, you should buy Tarzan a drink.

ㄴWow, Tarzan did everything to save his mid laner.

ㄴ Score used his Flash and ult. Whereas, Griffin only used Zac’s ult.

ㄴ Nice one Tarzan.


[First blood from KT, Griffin’s bottom duo gets killed]

What’s up with Lehends?

ㄴ He seems pressured.

ㄴ Smeb’s Teleport was really good too.

ㄴ imagine KT’s comp in late-game… It’s not going to be easy for Griffin.


[Sword solo kills Smeb]


ㄴ Yo, how the hell did Smeb get killed using Aatrox?

ㄴ He got hit by Cho’Gath’s Q twice…


[Griffin wins 5vs5 on top lane]

Griffin = Teamfights…

ㄴ Viper was unbelievable in that fight.

ㄴ Who said Viper is only good on Vladimir?  

ㄴ KT seemed to be winning that fight, but Viper just turned the tables…


[Griffin wins a 5vs5 mid dive]

Get rid of the statistics… Griffin just seems like the better team.

ㄴThey’ve got 4 pigs in their comp.

ㄴ And that Tahm Kench is saving his teammates in every teamfight.


ㄴ Look at Cho’Gath. He’s a walking Baron.


Urgot seems so OP.

ㄴ Nah. Griffin is just OP.


[KT wins teamfight near their tier 2 top turret]


ㄴ Victor gaining some kills.

ㄴ The young Ucal is cleaning up his teammates’ mess.


Aatrox is doing nothing for the team right now.

ㄴ Agree.

ㄴ Smeb’s like a gift for Griffin…


Viper is crazy.

ㄴ Should give Tahm Kench some credit. He’s been saving Kai’Sa every time.



Game 2

[Ucal solo kills Chovy]


ㄴ That was a piece of art.


Tarzan’s having a hard time…

ㄴ He’s busy clearing his camps.

ㄴ Tarzan: “Should’ve picked Master Yi”


[Griffin wins bottom teamfight]

How did Viper live?

ㄴ Viper lived. He also gained a kill and an assist.

ㄴ KT… Please…

ㄴ Although he did get killed, Ucal’s plays were so good.


[KT wins teamfight and secures Baron]

Kai’Sa OP!

ㄴ KT is on the clear advantage.

ㄴ Still, let’s see what happens.


[KT wins teamfight near Baron]

Deft’s Kai’Sa is so OP.

ㄴ Griffin almost won that fight.

ㄴ It was a close one.

ㄴ Ban Kai’Sa, please…

ㄴ You guys Bronze? This game wasn’t about Kai’Sa… Everything started after Ucal solo-killed Zoe. It was about the mid difference… Please, have some common sense…

Game 3

[Pick & Ban]

What? Yasuo, Jayce, Urgot???

ㄴ Griffin going without traditional ADCs.

ㄴ Let’s see how Viper plays on Yasuo.

[Griffin secures first blood]

Yasuo gets a kill!

ㄴ But, Mata’s Alistar almost got away.

ㄴ Yeah, he did use his W well.

ㄴ Doesn’t matter, he died. He got no Flash. Deft used his Heal for him as well.


Score Olaf; Hey! I’m going to do this alone. NIRVANA!!!!

ㄴ That Olaf was literally a horror movie.



Is it because SKT’s not here? The total viewers for the finals are so low.

People who are currently watching the finals are either:
1. KT fans who are just a tiny proportion of the total LoL fans.
2. Griffin fans that are less than KT fans.
3. YOU, who are currently watching this at home. I bet you don’t have a girlfriend.

ㄴ Okay, I get it… You’re worried about the viewers because you have a girlfriend and you also have so many things to on weekends.


Yasuo’s is gaining some kills. He’ll be unstoppable. …

ㄴ Now I know why Victor wasn’t picked.

ㄴ I do not want to see Tahm Kench ever… He’s making this so less interesting.


I smell Orianna from Victor.

ㄴIt’s a very disgusting odor.

It’s really something to see Urgot winning final games…I was hoping that this day would come.

ㄴUrgot-Kai’Sa-Tahm Kench… The top 3 champions that are currently competing for the world record of ‘the most disgusting champion ever’.


Wow… the xPeke ending.

???: Let’s go destroy the Nexus!



Game 4


It’s going to be really frustrating if Urgot gets picked again.

ㄴ Still you can witness a pro gamer crushing another pro gamer.

ㄴ Hey guys, it looks like the Worlds special Urgot skin just got released.


Okay, the 2 picks are banned. YES!

ㄴ I think it’s a bit too late.



ㄴ KT, what are you guys thinking about?

ㄴAnd that mid Taliyah… I think KT lost the ban&picks.


Malphite!! Griffin’s picks are so interesting.

ㄴ They’re using so many champs. Also, they’re really good.  

ㄴ I think Riot’s going to start to love this team.


???: Score, I’ll make sure you won’t go to heaven.


Score! He’s such a historical jungler!

ㄴ That was his last…


Griffin’s starting to snowball. I’m afraid that they really might become the Royal Roaders.

ㄴ KT did too much.

ㄴ Score’s curse is something more than Pele’s.



▲Meanwhile, in the Afreeca Freecs gaming house…  [players started to practice for Worlds qualifiers]


▲Ucal’s memo - No vacation until winning LCK Summer Split and Worlds. If I lie, Imma retire.


Griffin is making a new history.

ㄴ Griffin is the future of LCK. It’s like watching the LCK’s current (KT) and future (Griffin) at the same time.
ㄴ KT’s the future as well since they’ll finish second in their future.

ㄴ Savage…


Wait, what is happening?


ㄴ What? KT’s winning again!

ㄴ 40 minutes is like a symbol for KT.

ㄴ How did they win? I think this is where experience helps.

ㄴ I’m about to cry.


▲Afreeca: “Guys, stop practicing.”



Game 5

Now, I really don’t know what’ll happen.

ㄴ Who said it’ll be one-sided? I knew that it’ll be such a fun and interesting match.


Score is almost going to heaven!


Urgot!!! KT’s going to win.

ㄴ When did Urgot start to be thought of as an OP champ?

ㄴ Vel’Koz and Nocturne… It’s such an interesting game.


What?? Ucal didn’t use his Flash?

ㄴ Galio: It made me so warm~


I think Griffin will win. KT should have used Nocturne and Galio’s ult early but they’re saving it too much. The wine is now rotten.

ㄴ They just won a teamfight with their ult.

ㄴ Turns out that it was a quality wine.

ㄴ KT saved it for 4 years. Now it’s time to open the wine.


▲???: Come Ucal! ... I’ve warmed the throne for you...


WOW. Galio just slew Baron.

ㄴ Everyone’s helping Score go to heaven.

Finally! KT, the champions!!!

ㄴ I didn’t expect to see Score winning a trophy.


AH… It would have been nice to see Griffin win…

ㄴ Game 4 hit them hard. They don’t have that experience on recovering from loss.  

ㄴ I still hope to see them in Worlds.

ㄴ Come on! Win the qualifiers! Let’s meet you guys at Worlds.


▲Ryu: You’ve improved a lot KT. It’s all I want, even if you forgot about me.


▲Meanwhile in the Afreeca Freecs gaming house...


Ucal: Score. Congratulations! What? Score, what’s happening?

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