Brief Review of Terry Bogard & Kyo Kusanagi - Powerful Tank & Fighter with Burst Damage!

Greetings, masters! The King of Fighters collab heroes have been added to KR Returners and many KR players are now experimenting with them.

The new KoF heroes have many CC skills so players are looking forward to how they’ll perform in PvP; many of you must be curious about how they work and if they are worth your Bluestones.

So, here is a brief review of the KoF heroes and how they perform on different teams; the first spotlight is for Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi! Not long has passed since they were added to the game and players are still experimenting with their gear sets and team comps. Since this is still ongoing, there will likely be more builds and combos discovered, but for now here are the pros, cons, and tips that have been found so far. We hope this helps you get a good grasp on the heroes so you can plan out how to build them when they are released on the global servers.




◆ Terry Bogard - a Variety of CC & a Powerful Ultimate Skill with High Damage That Bypasses Defense!

Terry Bogard is an assault tank; Siegfried is one of the main examples of assault tanks - heroes that can soak up damage but also deal a fair amount of damage. While Siegfried can deal a good amount of damage to a single target, Terry’s skill set allows him to deal damage to many targets at once. Terry’s skills deal physical damage and his preferred targets are supports.

At first, Terry will poke enemy targets, keeping them at bay with the CC of his normal skills, and then he’ll use his ultimate skill to deal massive damage that bypasses his target’s defense. The default damage of his ultimate skill is quite high and is dealt as true damage, so Terry Bogard can actually perform as well as some DPS heroes despite his low attack stats.


▲ As a tank, Terry Bogard can inflict unexpectedly high damage with his Max Power Geyser as it bypasses his target’s defense.


As a tank, Terry Bogard has high HP and defense, giving him an advantage in survivability. If your fighters can’t perform well since they haven’t scaled up yet, adding Terry to the team will provide some supplemental power. Additionally, Terry Bogard has the shortest skill casts and attack delays out of all KoF heroes, so he is a hero you can count on if you’re aiming for a fast-paced composition.


He does come with some flaws as well; Terry doesn’t have any taunts or skills that enhance ally defense so he can’t protect ally heroes well. So while he is a tank, he cannot thoroughly fill in for ‘traditional’ tanks like King Arthur or Alexander. If they are the main tanks, Terry Bogard can be seen as more of a sub tank.

That is why if you decide to use Terry Bogard in the League, you should use him as a sub DPS/tank alongside Alexander or King Arthur so that your other heroes are properly protected. If you’d rather not have so many tanks on your team, then you can use Terry in a team built for burst damage. This sort of composition is a bit risky, however; with no protection, your team may be destroyed before they can get to their damage burst.


▲ If you are going to use Terry Bogard, place him together with another tank, or have a gear set that maximizes his power.



◆ Kyo Kusanagi - a Mage Killer with High Physical Damage Stats

Kyo is a fighter with powerful burst damage. His preferred targets are mages, and both his basic attacks and skills deal physical damage. His default magical defense is high and since he goes after mages, he’s essentially the bane of mages.

Kyo is often placed in the team to take care of the enemy’s powerful mages. Once the battle starts, Kyo will inflict damage by using 212 Shiki: Kototsuki Yo to knock the target up in the air and then use 114 Shiki: Aragami to deal additional damage through a barrage of attacks. Using 114 Shiki: Aragami will give Kyo CC immunity so enemy mages will find it hard to escape from Kyo.

Also, Kyo’s ultimate skill, MAX Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi has the strongest stats out of all skills that exist in the game; its default damage is high and it has a bonus attack stat. The skill also deals extra damage in proportion to Kyo’s missing HP, making him very good at flipping the tables in a losing battle.


▲ MAX Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi has the strongest stats out of all Returners skills.


However, this powerful skill has a big weakness. During the skill’s animation, Kyo’s fingers flare up with fire as he gathers energy and then he releases a projectile. As he charges up his attack, Kyo is basically defenseless, leaving him wide open for attack; if he is hit by CC during the charge phase, his ult will be canceled.

That is why Kyo should have a gear set that can help him survive longer and provide him with a lot of HP. Having more HP will allow Kyo to stay alive long enough to deal a sufficient amount of burst damage. Also, Placing him on a team with Athena (tank) will allow Kyo to use his ult safely thanks to the invincibility from Athena’s ult when he is low on health.


▲Enhance Kyo’s attack even more and make up for the long skill cast for his ult by using Athena’s ult, Shield of the Goddess.

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