Sharing Your Own Tips and Guides on Gear Sets and Team Comps! Winners Announcement



Hello, Masters!

We held an event called Sharing Your Own Tips and Guides on Gear Sets and Team Comps! on our website, and many of you contributed to posting various Returners guides.

For the event page, please click the link: Returners Event: Get a Legendary Gear Choice by Sharing Your Own Tips & Guides on Gear Sets & Team Comps!

Your tips and guides have been posted either on the comment section of the event page or in the forum. Not only was there gear and team comp advice, but there was a lot of other valuable information regarding how to play Returners, so please check them out as we’re sure that they will be extremely useful for playing Returners.

The list of winners can be found below! They have been selected randomly, and winners will receive an email about your account and server name, sent to the email address which you used when making an account with Inven Global, so please reply to the email by September 2nd (PDT).

The email will be sent regardless of whether you left your account and server names on both the comment section and forum. It is possible that you may receive the rewards of the wrong type or no reward at all if you write the wrong server and account names in the reply, so please do check them before sending a reply to us!

1. 5-Star Legendary Gear Choice (10 random participants)












2. 3,000 Bluestones (10 random participants)












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  • 0

    level 5 Shadow


    Hi Mod, I am Shadow, I still did not receive confirmed email. Could you help me to check?

    • 0

      level 4 PPeem_713


      I did not receive any mail from InvenGlobal Returners neither.

    • 0

      level 6 Caner


      Probably we will receive the mail on 2nd of September.

  • 0

    level 4 Khanh_Tran

    Me too! No Mail receive.

  • 0

    level 4 PPeem_713

    There is still no an email!?

  • 0

    level 2 Roxas_jiang

    Thanks to the Nexon game! First time get the delivery with my options

  • 0

    level 6 Shadow

    Hi Returners team,

    I have just received email this morning, Thank for your support.

  • 0

    level 6 Kael

    I recieved my email confirmation last night. So, I just replied now. Thank you

  • 0

    level 3 Roxas_jiang

    i confirm the email . I want know which day seed the delivery , thanks

  • 0

    level 8 Caner

    I have received the 3k BS today.

    Thank you !

  • 0

    level 6 Kael


    Anyone recieved their legendary choice yet?

    • 0

      level 17 Meii


      All rewards should have been sent to the in-game inbox. If you didn't get yours, please send another email to -- we will be able to check faster if you send us a screenshot of your in-game inbox or anything we can use as a reference. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    • 0

      level 6 Kael


      Thank you, I wanted to check after the maintenance first. However, I still haven't received it. So, I did what you instructed me. I hope I get the legendary choice.

    • 0

      level 6 Kael

      @Meii Still no reply, or the event prize.
    • 0

      level 19 Yullie


      Hello, we sent you an email regarding the issue. Please check your email and let us know.

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