[Asian Games] KR Score: "Despite having the remainder of games to play in the semi-finals and onward, I am currently overflowing with confidence."

On the 28th of August at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games League event day 2, South Korea, once again, defeated China.

Before today's games, South Korea was holding the 1st place in the groups and was in the clear run of securing their place in the semi-finals. China was one of the few teams standing in Korea's path for an undefeated group stage performance. However, China was no adversary to Korea's immaculate macro and team play.

While Kiin on Darius and Ruler on Ashe displayed incredible prowess, the MVP of the match and post-interview went to Score. Foreseeing where he needs to go, Score proved to the world why he was picked as the representative jungler for South Korea's national team.

After the game, Score was interviewed. Let's see what he has to say about Korea's 6 win streak at the Asian Games.

¤ You guys just had a great match. South Korea has now won 6 games in the group stage. You guys were up against one of the top teams in the group stage, China. How do you feel right now? How does this affect your confidence?

First of, I am very happy that we got to go through the group stage undefeated. We did have a lot of strong teams in our group, but I am glad we got to qualify for the semi-finals. Despite having the remainder of games to play in the semi-finals and onward, I am currently overflowing with confidence. 

¤ In the day 1 game against Kazakhstan and day 2 games against Vietnam, Peanut had started as jungle instead of you. Today, after 3 games, you were put in for the game versus China.

Regardless of who is starting, either one of us has to play well. Because I can play at any moment, I did not let myself ease up nor let the tension go away. Since China is the strongest team out of the competitors, my teammates and I made sure not to get too nervous about the game. By exchanging jokes, we dispersed the very tense atmosphere.

South Korea will move to the semi-finals and a lot of talented teams will be waiting for you. Please tell us the possible opponents that you could have.

Although we made it to the semi-finals, our ultimate goal is to qualify for the finals and win. No matter which teams make it to the semi-finals, as Korea is the strongest country for Esports, we will not falter and try our best to win.

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