[Asian Games] xiye, China's Mid Laner: "For China, since I am representing my country, I will most definitely win the gold medal."

xiye, mid laner for the Chinese national team, declared his determination to win the gold medal because he is representing his country.

At the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games League event, the Chinese national team concluded their 1st day of games. China has 3 wins/1 loss and is placed 2nd in Group A. After beating Vietnam twice in a row, xiye came to mixzone to participate in an interview with multiple media outlets.

First, xiye commented on the team’s 3-1 performance on the 1st day, "Our team’s performance is very safe" and then said, "Although the match against Korea was unfortunate, excluding that game, I think we did well." In fact, China was able to win 2 games off Vietnam which was considered a ‘dark horse’ team. When asked how he feels about facing against Korea again on the 2nd day, xiye responded, "As long as we reduce the mistakes we made in today’s game, I believe it will be very doable.".

This is the first time that Esports has been used as a demonstration sport for the Asian Games. When asked if he is nervous about all this, xiye replied that he is in fact nervous. However, xiye then clarified, "I think this type of tension is actually alright. The stress from all this tension is becoming the driving force for improving my own performance.".

In regards to his goal for this competition, xiye confidently answered, "Of course, it is to win the gold medal." He also said that he would never have imagined he’d be drafted into the Chinese national team. xiye concluded the interview by stating "The fact that I get to represent my country is an immense honor. For China, since I am representing my country, I will most definitely win the gold medal."


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