[Asian Games] Faker, South Korea's Mid Laner: "Due to the remainder of the games left tomorrow, I cannot rest or feel at ease."

On the 1st day of the Asian Games, Faker stated that he is satisfied with the results but emphasized that he is still on his guard.

In the first round of the League event at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, the national team of South Korea qualified for the quarterfinals and scored with flying colors in the mid-term assessment. After South Korea’s 2 wins at the Jakarta Asian Games, Faker came to the mixzone to partake in an interview.

We asked Faker how it felt to qualify for the quarterfinals, and he replied, "Because the game against China was so important, I am very satisfied we were able to yield good results." Also, Faker gave his thoughts on the games to come, "Due to the remainder of the games left tomorrow, I cannot rest or feel at ease."

During the first day, players often mentioned their personal mistakes through interviews. In regards to this, Faker commented, "Since we did not make any team based mistakes, it was not right to receive team based feedback. We had no other option but to reflect on our own performance." He also clarified that it is crucial to keep in shape in order to prevent individual mistakes.

In the 2nd game against Kazakhstan’s national team, Faker was recorded to have several deaths. This was due to Kazakhstan’s national team having a blatant ‘Kill Faker’ strategy. Faker explained, "There were several moments that I could have lived if I played better." Faker later clarified why he died so often. He explained that his plays were centered on the sole goal of quickly closing out the game. While laughing, Faker revealed, "Thinking back at it now, my performance was a bit unfortunate."

To conclude, Faker gave his thoughts on day 2 of the Asian Games, "If we beat China tomorrow, we will successfully be 1st place in our group. I will try my utmost to win."


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