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[2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 9 Day 1 Review] Team Liquid Locks in First Place for the Regular Season.



On the 18th of August, in the NA LCS Studio, Day 1 of the last week of 2018 NA LCS Summer Split took place. Most of the teams have been decided for the playoffs. Team Liquid locked in first place for the regular season.

The first match was between Echo Fox and Team Liquid. Although Team Liquid went far ahead in kills up to the mid-game, Echo Fox played the macro game well and stayed close. However, Team Liquid managed to play the game well to the end and closed the game after a well fought teamfight at Baron. Team Liquid locked in first place for the regular season.

Quinn and Fizz appeared for Cloud9 in Game 2. They took on the 100 Thieves to lock in a better spot in the playoffs. After an Ace in a teamfight near mid, Cloud9 succeeded to win again, to stand proudly on a 7-game winning streak. Cloud9 has now locked in a spot in the playoffs.

One of the most important matches today was the third game. The two teams that were tied at 6th place played against each other. TSM rose up by winning the game. With nine wins, they put themselves ahead of OpTic Gaming.

Bobqin started in mid lane instead of Mickey for Golden Guardians. However, he wasn’t able to do much against FlyQuest. FlyQuest sealed their victory within thirty minutes. As of today’s win, FlyQuest is now tied with 100 Thieves and Cloud9 at second place.

Counter Logic Gaming finally climbed out of their long losing streak against the match against Clutch Gaming. They started FallnBandit and Wiggily in top lane and jungle, respectively, delivering impressive performance to clinch the win.

■ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 2 Results

Game 1: Echo Fox (L) vs Team Liquid (W)
Game 2: 100 Thieves (L) vs Cloud9 (W)
Game 3: OpTic Gaming (L) vs TSM (W)
Game 4: Golden Guardians (L) vs FlyQuest (W)
Game 5: Counter Logic Gaming (W) vs Clutch Gaming (L)

■ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 8 Day 2 Standings

1 Team Liquid 12W-5L
2 FlyQuest 10W-7L
2 100 Thieves 10W-7L
2 Cloud9 10W-7L
4 Echo Fox 9W-8L
4 TSM 9W-8L
7 OpTic Gaming 8W-9L
8 Counter Logic Gaming 6W-11L
8 Clutch Gaming 6W-11L
10 Golden Guardians 5W-12L


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