GRF Viper: "When Orianna’s ultimate landed quite well and when Yasuo’s Guardian Angel was in cooldown, I thought we’d win."

On the 18th of August (KST), Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs 3:2 in the LCK Summer playoffs round 2. With both teams delivering a fierce and competitive match, Griffin seemed to focus on their teamfight abilities whereas Afreeca focused on gaining lane advantage. It was Griffin which was victorious; in the last set, they gave away the Baron and killed 3 of the Afreeca players. They immediately ran for the Nexus and proceeded to the 2018 LCK Summer Finals.

After the match, Griffin was interviewed by OGN.


Does today's win hit you?

Tarzan: Yeah I feel it. I think I can play more games.


Viper’s reaction was kind of big after winning. Your head coach seemed a bit confused and surprised.

Viper: I only saw my support in front of me. It was hard to see my head coach there. (laughs)


When did you think the team will win the match?

Viper: When Orianna’s ultimate landed quite well and when Yasuo’s Guardian Angel was in cooldown, I thought we’d win.


Let’s talk about the pick&bans. Tarzan seemed to focus on using Olaf. What was the reason for it?

Tarzan: Well, it becomes tough when Spirit uses him. Also, he can counter Taliyah as well. I think Olaf is a good champion that can help out the whole team.


How was your matchup against Spirit?

Tarzan: It was difficult to gain the 1 vs 1 advantage. That’s why the matchup was tough.


Viper focused on using traditional ADCs. Did you think about using ‘non-ADC’ champions?

Viper: Yasuo seemed like a good pick when I practiced. However, I decided to not use him. I knew that Swain would appear since the opponent seemed to think he was a good pick. Still, we didn’t think of using him ourselves.


Chovy was on a losing streak on his Orianna. Why did you use her?

Chovy: Orianna was a ‘right’ pick. I said, “I’ll use Orianna.”. The match was overall satisfying. I didn’t feel nervous; I had fun.  


What were your thoughts on your match today Sword?

Sword: I did anticipate the pick&bans, but the opponent performed too well. Although I wasn't that good today, my teammates performed so well and that’s how we won.

Tarzan: With my jungle picks today, it was quite hard to focus on Sword. That’s why I completely ignored top.


The opponent focused on banning support champions. However, you managed to deliver remarkable performance on Braum.

Lehends: TusiN mostly uses similar champions. That’s why I didn’t have a hard time picking champions. Except for the matchup against Morgana, when I use Braum, I can usually gain lane advantage, That’s why I used him.


Did you prepare anything special while preparing for the playoffs?

Tarzan: We tried to be aggressive since there were some similar situations we experienced in practice.


Now the team meets kt Rolster in the finals. How will you prepare for it?

Viper: It will be such a tough match. We will prepare well and focus on laning, teamfights etc. We won’t lose focus until the game comes to an end. I’ll prepare well and deliver a fun and interesting finals match.

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