AFs Spirit: "Our team wins as long as I don't underperform. Today, I think we won because I did well. That’s why I’m the key player."

On the 15th of August, at the LCK Summer Playoffs Round 1, Afreeca Freecs defeated Kingzone DragonX with a score of 3-1. With dominating performance from all five members, Afreeca was able to defy the fans' expectations to defeat the previous LCK champions. Throughout the series, both Kramer and Spirit outclassed PraY and Peanut, leading the team to victory. With this win, Afreeca Freecs will advance to the Round 2 of the Summer Playoffs to face Griffin.

After the series, Kramer and Spirit were invited for an interview with SPOTV.

It has been one and a half years -- Afreeca Freecs finally defeated Kingzone DragonX. How does it feel having defeated them?

Kramer: It feels good defeating them on a national holiday.

Spirit: I was really happy at the thought of going on a long vacation. But now, I think we’ll need to delay that… (Laughs) We’ll prepare thoroughly for our next match against Griffin.

Both of you guys are in 1st place for player MVP points.

Kramer: I didn’t know that I was going to receive it. It feels great.

Spirit: Kramer and I are of the same age. Maybe those born in 1996 are strong at playing on important matches?

Why did AFs constantly take the red-side of the map?

Spirit: There isn’t a big reason. The enemy team only gave us red before, so we thought, ‘Okay, let’s just see how well Kingzone prepared for playing on blue-side,’ and kept picking the red-side.

Unlike before, Kiin mainly played tanks today. Was it the team’s strategy?

Spirit: I won’t answer that one… for the next series!

Spirit, you picked yourself when asked to select who you thought the team’s key player was today.

Spirit: Of course I did. As you all saw today, our team wins as long as I don’t underperform. Today, I think we won because I did well. That’s why I’m the key player. Everyone on the team plays well -- so if I step up, we can win.

Kramer: I think he’s right.

Were you guys feeling pressure when playing today?

Kramer: Our team agreed that we’ll all take a vacation if we lose today. We played burden-free with the mindset of, ‘If we lose, let’s just go on a vacation.’

Spirit: My teammates are playing so well that I don’t think I’d be able to go on a vacation.

Your next opponent is Griffin. In terms of experience on stage, AFs is a senior team compared to GRF. Are you confident in playing against them?

Kramer: I know I am. I was always confident. We’ll need to face them to know for sure, though.

Spirit: I know I’m not. (Laughs) Griffin is a really, really strong team. We’ll play against them with the mindset that we’re below them in terms of strength. GRF, please go easy on us.

If you guys win one more time, you’ll secure a spot in the World Championship and the LCK Summer Finals.

Spirit: I wasn’t expecting to go to Worlds like that, but if KT Rolster wins… it’s kind of exciting.

Kramer: Although it’ll feel great to see KT win, it’ll also be good for us to defeat them!

Spirit: Well, of course, I want to win against them, too. I don’t want to lose.

Any last words?

Kramer: Our next opponent is Griffin. We always have a lot of strategies prepared, so please expect to see more from us.

Spirit: I think our bot lane will lose to Viper and Lehends. (Laughs) Please go easy on us. I’ll do my best to do my part in the match.

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