AFs Kuro: "We have nothing to lose. We were 10-8 in the standings whereas every other playoffs team were 13-5."

On the 12th, at the Seoul Nexon Arena, Afreeca Freecs defeated Gen.G Esports in the 2018 LCK Summer Wildcard Match. With this victory, AFs will advance to the next part of the tournament. For today's series, AFs had prepared a lot of surprise tactics, including a full AP jungle Gragas and Quinn top. With unfaltering concentration and confidence, AFs was able to fully utilize the strengths of their composition, knocking GEN out of the playoffs.

After the series, Kuro and head coach iloveoov were invited on stage for an interview with the SPOTV announcer, Su-hyeon. 


How do you feel locking in your spot in the Summer Playoffs?

Kuro: Honestly speaking, I came in today without much thought behind it. We practiced hard, and I’m glad that it paid off today. The enemy team had a lot to lose whereas we had none. I think they were under a lot of pressure.

Afreeca Freecs finally broke their “Wildcard curse.” What was important in today’s match?

Kuro: We played like how we should’ve with the team composition that we had. I think we played better today than we have in the past.

In game 1, a lot of fans were on their toes. How did it feel when GEN almost made a comeback?

Kuro: I didn’t see a potential comeback happening. We had a good team composition, so I felt that we could win as long as we utilize the team’s strengths.

Head Coach iloveoov: I told the players to play without pressure… However, when I saw them struggle despite having put themselves so far ahead, it angered me.

When I heard the comms of that game, the players constantly told each other to have faith and play. That was really good on their part, and I’ll think it’ll put them on a good spot in the next match.

To you [iloveoov], who was today’s MVP player?

iloveoov: Kuro is fulfilling his role of “Team Captain” very nicely. He’s acting as a solid pillar within the team, providing balance for everyone.

Are you expecting more from your team in the next match?

iloveoov: The pressure of having to play in the next match could potentially make our players underperform. I want them to play at their best, burden-free.

Kuro: Whenever I practice on a match day, I underperform. I personally want to take a break today and practice hard starting tomorrow.

iloveoov: We’ll rest for sure. Kuro tarnished my image by making me look like a coach that forces players to practice non-stop. That’s not true -- the players practice on their own, I don’t force them at all.

Any last words?

Kuro: We have nothing to lose. We were 5th in the standings with a score of 10-8. Every other playoffs team were 13-5. It’ll feel terrible for them to lose.

We’ll do our best by carrying the mindset that we have nothing to lose.

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