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[LCK Summer Day 43 Review] kt Rolster secures 1st Place and Directly Heads to the Finals. Kingzone Advances to 3rd Place



On the 9th of August (KST), Kingzone DragonX and kt Rolster both swept SKT T1 and MVP 2:0 in the 2018 LCK Summer Day 43. With today's victory, kt advanced directly to the LCK finals. They were even in W/L and game scores with Griffin but they became 1st place for the regular split since kt won Griffin both in rounds 1 and 2.  Meanwhile, Kingzone DragonX proceeded to third place. 

For the first series, Kingzone DragonX went against SKT T1. 

Kingzone had the early-game advantage in game 1.  Compared to SKT’s composition, Kingzone’s side was composed of aggressive laning champions. Starting off with a first blood on SKT’s Olaf, Kingzone managed to gain advantage in every lane near the 10-minute mark.

Although there was only 1 kill throughout the early-game, Kingzone started to secure most of the Rift objectives; after slaying the Dragon, they safely secured the Rift Herald. After destroying SKT’s top tier 1 turret, they used the Herald on top right away and destroyed the tier 2 turret. Near the 17-minute mark, SKT’s outer turrets were completely destroyed.

The second kill for the game occurred near the 23-minute mark. The two teams clashed near the mid jungle area. When Kingzone’s Tahm Kench was low on HP, Bang’s Ezreal landed his ultimate and secured a kill. However, Kingzone gained a kill as well.

Kingzone attempted a Baron hunt after killing Faker in top. SKT gathered up and Thal’s Gangplank picked up a double kill. However, with the help from Baron, Kingzone killed most of SKT’s champions. After winning a teamfight in mid, Kingzone again attempted to slay the Baron. This time they succeeded and eventually destroyed SKT’s bottom/mid inhibitor.  

After destroying SKT’s top inhibitor, Kingzone went for the Elder Drake. Although Thal stole the Drake, Kingzone initiated a fight and killed most of the SKT members. That was the end of the game. Kingzone destroyed the Nexus and closed down game 1.

In game 2, Peanut’s Kindred secured the first blood on SKT Thal. A few minutes later, Kingzone gained another kill; Bdd’s Zoe dived on Pirean’s Orianna and solo-killed her. Soon, another kill occurred in mid. Peanut’s Kindred ganked mid and Orianna, who didn’t have her Flash, died. Kingzone started to torture SKT Pirean's Orianna. After the gank from Kindred, this time they planned a 3-man dive. Gragas used his ultimate to drag Orianna out and Kindred-Zoe did the rest. Also, Bdd managed to solo-kill Orianna once again; she hit 4 deaths before the 10-minute mark.

Meanwhile, Kingzone’s bottom laners also gained some points. With Kindred helping the duo out, they dived against SKT’s bottom duo and secured a few kills. Near the 10-minute mark, Kingzone already gained 10 kills overall.

The game was already one-sided. Kingzone won most of the teamfights and secured every Rift objectives as well. They soon destroyed SKT's Nexus and won the series.  


For the second match, kt Rolster went against MVP.


kt Rolster gained first blood in game 1 by succeeding a top dive. However, MVP managed to win the first teamfight; Yondu’s Zac initiated a fight near their blue buff and helped the team secure 2 kills. Yondu again delivered some solid teamfight abilities near the 14-minute mark. This time, he initiated a fight near kt’s red buff when kt tried to stop him from using the Rift Herald. As a result, MVP gained another kill and they managed to destroy kt’s mid tier 1 turret by using the Herald.

However, kt won a teamfight near mid lane and as time passed by, kt started to win most of the teamfights. After winning a few more fights, kt won a huge teamfight near the 30-minute mark. Although MVP was on the upper side for most of the game, kt eventually turned it around showing remarkable teamfight abilities. kt Rolster secured game 1.

In game 2, both teams shared a few kills in early-game phase. With a series of ganks and skirmishes, kt managed to snowball after killing Vel’Koz in bottom lane. kt succeeded on hunting the Infernal Drake and they killed Gnar by diving MVP’s top tier 1 turret.

kt began to snowball even faster with Smeb’s Gangplank hitting his power spikes. kt also secured their second Infernal Drake. After securing their third Drake, they directly went for the Baron. Near the 30-minute mark, they destroyed every MVP inhibitor and proceeded to the LCK Summer finals.

Series 1: Kingzone DragonX VS SKT T1 < 2-0 >

Game 1 KZ (W) VS SKT (L)
Game 2 KZ (W) VS SKT (L)

Series 2:  kt Rolster VS MVP < 2:0 >

Game 1 KT (W) VS MVP (L)
Game 2 KT (W) VS MVP (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. kt Rolster 13-5 (+15)
2. Griffin 13-5 (+15)
3. Kingzone Dragon X 13-5 (+13)
4. Gen.G Esports 13-5 (+12)
5. Afreeca Freecs 10-8 (+6)
6. HanwhaLifeEsports 10-8 (+4)
7. SKT T1 8-10 (-4)

8. Jin Air Green Wings 4-14 (-17)
9. MVP 4-14 (-19)

10. bbq Olivers 2-16 (-25)


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