Afreeca Kuro: "I’m always confident using Azir. However, I rather underperformed in my former team. I think the problem was on my teammates. (laughs)"

On the 8th of August (KST) Afreeca Freecs defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2:0. Afreeca delivered concrete performance in both games 1 and 2. With today’s win, Afreeca secured their playoffs qualifications.

After the match, Afreeca Freecs was interviewed by OGN.

How do you feel about today’s victory?
Spirit: I’d like to thank kt Rolster. Thank you so much! Well, today’s performance wasn’t really satisfying but I think we were better compared to our recent performance. 


Did you prepare Olaf beforehand?
Spirit: We analyze and study a lot. The opponent used Taliyah, so that’s why I used him [Olaf}.   


What are your thoughts on today Kiin?
Kiin: I did perform badly these days. Today wasn’t satisfying as well. It was an important match, so I did feel nervous before the match. However, once the game started, I was okay. I think I’m fit for the stage.


You must have been pressured as well Kuro since you used Azir. Were you confident on him?
Kuro: I’m always confident using Azir. However, I rather underperformed in my former team. I think the problem was on my teammates. (laughs)


The bottom dive was remarkable. Didn’t you kill the opponent right on the 7:59 mark?
Spirit: We said that the Stopwatch starts soon, so we talked and engaged right on time.


What do you think about your performance today Kramer?

Kramer: It’s been a while since I was interviewed, so I’m a bit nervous. Well, I am frustrated about the second game, but I’m satisfied with game 1.


In the current meta, do you think that ‘non-ADCs’ and ‘traditional ADCs’ can be both used in bottom lane?

Kramer: Frankly speaking, I’m not confident about using non-ADCs. Among them, I still felt more confident on Swain. They [coaching staff] told me to use Swain, so I tried my best to perform well.


What are your thoughts on Kramer?
TusiN: Today, he didn’t listen to me. (laughs) Regarding that, Kramer wasn’t that bad. Well, I felt relieved that Gragas was left to use.


Aatrox wasn’t banned. Kuro, you used him and performed well. How was it?  
Kuro: In scrims, some teams don’t ban Aatrox. However, I always feel that ‘Aatrox should be banned’. Every time he’s used, he dominates the game.


What if Kiin used Aatrox?
Kiin: Honestly, I think I’m a better Aatrox user compared to Kuro. I would’ve dominated the game in top more earlier.

Kuro: I do agree if we’re talking about the Aatrox before the rework. Well, if it’s the reworked Aatrox, I’m a bit better.


The team has advanced to the playoffs. It seems that this time, the team will have quite a tough time.

TusiN: I really didn’t know [that we’d fall behind this much]. Well, now that we did so much to improve our standings, I’m going to put in my best effort.

Kramer: I think we’ll perform well in the playoffs. I’m going to try harder to help the team.


Were there any other players that rooted for Afreeca on today’s match?
Spirit: Not really. Well, I just want kt to perform well. Let’s go kt! Advance to 1st place!


Now the Summer split has come to an end. Do you have any last remarks Kuro?
Kuro: We started off round 1 pretty well, but round 2 wasn’t that good. Now that we’ve reached the playoffs, we’ll win the teams one by one. I really want to thank our fans as well. Oh yeah,  by the way, Sangyoon, you did really well.

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