Expect on Joining Fnatic: "They told me that I could be playing in competitions in certain situations."

※ Photos from Fnatic Twitter

On the 7th of August, Fnatic announced that they signed Ki “Expect” Dae-han. According to Fnatic Twitter, Expect has joined Fnatic roster to help with their Korean bootcamp as well as acting as a second substitute in the case of their qualification to the tournament in South Korea.

“I haven’t been playing for a while so I had lost a lot of motivation. By chance, I got in touch with Fnatic coaching staff, and that’s how I joined the team.” Said Expect, and spoke of how he could help the team. “Fnatic told me that I could be playing in competitions in certain situations; I’m only a sub player, but I’ll do my best practicing so I can be of any help to the team.”

He also was eager to help Fnatic with their bootcamp in Korea if they were to make Worlds. “If Fnatic goes to Korea for bootcamp, I’ll do whatever I can do to help the team.”

On how Fnatic will work things out with three top laners, Expect said “What I heard was Bwipo changed his position completely to bot lane. I’m not sure.”

Expect had previously played in the European Masters 2018 for Origen and had played at Worlds 2017 for G2 Esports. He also won multiple championships in G2 Esports. Many fans are eager to see what this Korean top laner can bring to Fnatic.

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