KT Mata: "I believe the rollercoaster like streak we have with our performance is the problem. I will only be satisfied once we are able to display good consistent performance."

Mata has claimed that as long as his team’s performance improves, his team will naturally qualify for a seat at the Summer finals.

On the 7th of August at the Gangnam Nexon arena for the 2018 LoL Champions Summer Korea, kt Rolster defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2:0. As a result, kt’s chances to grab a seat at the finals dramatically increased. By picking Tahm Kench in 2 consecutive games in a row, Mata provided a consistent safety net for his team and led his team to a secure set win.

Below are the interview responses from kt Rolster’s Mata.

¤ How do you feel about your win?

Although every game is important, starting from the later periods of the Summer Split, this feeling only amplified. Recently, things have been just like walking on a very thin rope. I was very nervous. While we are winning a majority of our games, Hanwha Life Esports is a strong team with a lot of potential. If we lost in the worst case scenario, we could have potentially placed 4th. Because we won 2:0, I am very much relieved.

Last time against Jin Air, kt gave one set away. Do you feel any regret?

I didn’t think about the merits of the set. When Jin Air Greenwings won against Griffin, I knew we could possibly climb to 1st place if we won against Jin Air. Afterward, I began to realize how important these sets are. Despite all this, as long as we keep winning 2:0, it is highly likely for us to gain way to the finals. Letting my team know to focus on our performance, we have prepared well.

There were games when kt won with macro, and other games when kt won with overwhelming mechanics. Overall, are you satisfied with your team’s performance?

When I think about it from a team’s perspective, I am not necessarily satisfied. This is because some games we play incredibly well, and other games...not so much. I believe the rollercoaster like streak we have with our performance is the problem. I will only be satisfied once we are able to display good consistent performance.

Kt Rolster has never been able to beeline straight to the finals. What are your predictions?

Of course, right now, we are in discussion on how to best beat our opponents while controlling our nervousness. Instead of focusing on going straight to the finals, I believe our performance is our main priority. As long as we play well, the ticket straight to the finals comes naturally. If we stress too hard on trying to make it straight to the finals, it will actually be a detriment to us.

You picked Tahm kench consecutively. People have said that you are the ultimate safety net for your team.

While the champion does have the role of providing safety and protection for your teammates, I picked Tahm because I believe his lane phase is extremely strong. He is not that bad in teamfights either. Recently, I have a lot of instances when I overextend. I feel like Tahm Kench is the perfect fit for me.

In the first game, as soon as you left lane, Deft’s flash was immediately burned.

It is not a big deal that Deft lost his Flash. I was only afraid of the fact that Deft might play more passive. Also, even when we gave them a double kill, I was also worried because Deft might play more timid. Granted, he did play a little bit passive (laughs). Regardless, he played well. Thanks to him scaling well, Deft displayed an incredible performance in teamfights.

Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I have only one game left of the regular season. Personally, I want my goal to be further developing my skills. As long as my individual performance increases, I truly believe our team will be even stronger. I hope you guys continue supporting me, and I hope you guys will also continue to keep an eye on me. I ensure you guys that I will show a solid performance against MVP.

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