[LCK Summary Day 41 Review] kt Rolster Increased Changes To Go To Finals...Hanwha Life Esports Destroyed.

Kt Rolster defeated Hanwha Life Esports and increased their chances to make it to the finals.

On the 7th at the Gangnam Nexon Arena for the 2018 LoL Champions Summer Korea,the set games for dat 41 has concluded. The result, Gen.G and kt Rolster took the win in their respective matches.

As a result for today, Gen.G finished the regular season with 13 wins and 5 losses with +12 in set points. MVP, being defeated, faced a downturn in rankings to 9th place and putting them at risk to drop to the promotion series. kt Rolster, the 2nd set winner, is now tied for 2nd as a result from today’s win. By taking one step forward to the finals as 2nd place, kt Rolster forced Hanwha Life Esports to take a step back. In other words, kt denies Hanwha the opportunity to make it to Summer playoffs.

In the match between kt Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports, which consisted of 2 games, kt Rolster smiled. In the first game, kt Rolster wiped out Hanwha with an explosive teamfight and stopped Hanwha’s momentum in its tracks. Instantly making his way into the entire enemy team, Smeb displayed the pinnacle usage of Kennen’s ultimate. With a basis of accelerated growth, UcaL’s Azir and Smeb’s Kennen were responsible for closing out game 1.

In the 2nd game, the match, of course, went into the hands of kt. Preemptively deciphering Hanwha’s movements through carefully placed wards, kt took the initiative by completely disabling Hanwha’s ability to retaliate. Being able to implement their early game snowball comp, kt kept gaining simple but yet constant leads. Thus, Hanwha Life Esports’ possibility of making their way into playoffs disappeared.

Previous to the set match between kt and Hanwha, Gen.G was victorious against MVP in game 1. Gen.G gained early priority in the bot lane through timed lvl 1 trades. As a result, Gen.G ran away with the game. Without much fighting at all, Gen.G solidified the win by widening the gap differential through their unique and robust macro.

Even with the Amumu jungle pick variance coming from MVP, Gen.G was able to,yet again, safely defeat MVP. Gen.G accomplished a complete 2:0 set score. Cleanly counter ganking MVP’s attempt at a re-gank in the bot lane, Gen.G successfully blocked MVP from striking back. Boasting his incredible mechanics on Zoe, Fly put the nail in the coffin and secured a win for his team.


Series 1: Gen.G VS MVP < 2-0 >

Game 1 GEN (W) VS MVP (L)
Game 2 GEN (W) VS MVP (L)

Series 2: kt Rolster VS Hanwha Life Esports < 2:0 >

Game 1 KT (W) VS HLE (L)
Game 2 KT (W) VS HLE (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Gen.G Esports 13-5 (+12)

2. kt Rolster 12-5 (+13) *Winning Seat
3. Griffin 12-5 (+13)
4. Kingzone Dragon X 12-5 (+11)
5. HanwhaLifeEsports 10-8 (+4)
6. Afreeca Freecs 9-8 (+4)
7. SKT T1 8-9 (-2)
8. Jin Air Green Wings 4-13 (-15)
9. MVP 4-13 (-17)
10. bbq OLIVERS 2-15 (-23)

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