[Cartoon] The Unprecedented Cutthroat Competition Of LCK Summer Split

This cartoon is based on, arguably, the most competitive season in LCK history: The 2018 LoL Champions Summer Korea.

With only a month left for the finals, the remaining games for LoL Champions Summer Korea are getting even more competitive by the day. At the brink of the playoff, the set score system dictates even the slightest difference to 1st place or top contending teams. Unlike previously, the strongest leading team is not so far apart from the rest of the group. This is why fans are calculating the exact number of scenarios and seeing the potential for their favorite team to advance to the Summer finals and Worlds.

Although the cutthroat competition has made countless fans go crazy, who else is to take the heavy burden of this steep competition than the players themselves. In fact, some LCK players even said in interviews, “This season is the hardest season ever.”.

The unprecedented scorching hot summer crossing roads with the unprecedented cutthroat competition of the Summer Season. Which team will make it onto the grand final stage? Going even further, which team will make their way to the highly anticipated Worlds in Korea? With so much to be yet discovered, I cannot wait to see the results of today’s match.

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