KZ Peanut: "Although it is fun because it is so competitive, it is so intense that it is killing me (laughs)."

On the 5h at the Gangnam Nexon Arena for the 2nd game of the 2018 LoL Champions Summer Korea, Kingzone Dragon X defeated bbq OLIVERS 2:0. Taking their much deserved 2 league points, Kingzone is now placed sole 2nd. Without much trouble in games 1 and 2, Kingzone displayed a very Kingzone like performance.

Below are the interview responses from Kingzone’s jungler, Peanut.

¤ How do you feel about beating bbq and placing 2nd?

In this current situation, the losses we had in the last couple of games was quite unfortunate. This just shows how fierce the competition is right now.

There was a period when Kingzone was struggling in the middle of the rankings. It seems that Kingzone’s form has improved.

It was obvious to everyone that our struggles was in performance. It would be best if that would not happen again. Right now, our form is much better. As long as we keep this going with practice, I believe we can also win the remainder of the games.

Kingzone’s last summer game is against SKT. What are your predictions?

I am trying to not overthink it. Although the game has a lot of significance, as always with the single goal of winning in mind, we will try our best. Despite this, I think we will definitely have more burden going into the game (laughs).

Recently, strong tank initiators such as Trundle, Sejuani, Gragas, etc have made multiple appearances. Could you gives us a run down of the jungle trends?

I believe it is definitely favored towards Trundle, sejuani, Gragas, and Skarner right now. Focused on mostly tank champions, Kindred does sometimes make an appearance as well.

Up to this point, there has never been a more competitive season than this season. This is the season of chaos. What are your thoughts on this?

Although it is fun because it is so competitive, it is so intense that it is killing me (laughs). I would like to believe all the teams are feeling this way. However, because of this, I think the fans are having much more fun.

Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

I only hope that we can finish well on our last game. I am always grateful for my fans. I hope you guys can enjoy the remainder of the LCK games.

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