CuVee on Fly Being Ganked 4 Times: "If that happens [in top lane], it means that the jungler needs to be blamed as well. (laughs)"

On the 4th of August (KST), Gen.G Esports (GEN) defeated Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) 2:1. GEN secured game 1. However, Jin Air tied the series with dominating early-game. The last series was highly competitive. With Jin Air Teddy gaining 7 kills, the team had the advantage and slew the Baron. However, GEN managed to win a huge fight in mid lane; GEN aced Jin Air. This was the end for the series.  

After the match, GEN CuVee and CoreJJ were interviewed by OGN.

How do you feel about today’s victory?

CoreJJ: We really needed the win, so we played our utmost.


The weather is really hot and you must have been worn out. What do you want to eat?

CuVee: I’m always good with meat. (laughs) I don’t care about which kind, I just like meat in general.


You’ve never lost with your Alistar in this split.

CoreJJ: I did feel confident about using him in the past. But I knew that I wasn’t that good on him, so I practiced a lot. Well, I think it paid off and now I can play on the same level as other players.


Although it wasn’t crucial to the game’s results, you did seem to make mistakes when using Alistar’s W-Q combo.

CoreJJ: Well, I sometimes feel hesitant on whether I should push or airborne the opponent.


What are your thoughts on CoreJJ’s Alistar?

CuVee: There were some fun situations…(laughs) But in general, I think he really improved.


When the team was behind in game 2, what did you talk to your teammates?

CuVee: I tried to push side lanes and earn the opponent’s attention. We tried to farm up and then fight, but that didn’t work out either.


Crown came out in game 3. Do you have any compliments?

CoreJJ: Crown prepared for a long time. Well, he did perform after a long interval… I think he managed to deliver the same good performance he did in the past and I believe that was what he did best [in game 3].


Do you have anything to say to Fly? Well, feel free to trash talk.

CuVee: Um… In game 2, I think we lost because he was ganked. (laughs) Well, Fly is good. He can use a lot of champions and… (laughs) He has good roaming abilities and he makes nice calls as well.


Well, I’d like to say something for Fly; he was ganked 4 times. If that happened in top, how would you feel?

CuVee: If that happens, it means that the jungler needs to be blamed as well. (laughs)


In game 3, the team had quite a hard time. When the team initiated a late-game fight near mid, did you feel that you’d win?

CuVee: When the opponent was airborned, I wasn’t sure about the results. However, once Ashe landed her ult, I thought, “It’s going to work.”


Ruler managed to dodge the opponent’s skill near the Baron pit.

CoreJJ: If Ruler was hit, we might have lost.  


What did the team talk about after game 2?

CoreJJ: We decided to focus on early-game and not give the opponent time to snowball.


Do you have any words for the fans?

CoreJJ: The weather is so hot and the game is really tough. (laughs) It must have been really tough to see us play… We’ll try our best to guarantee fun and interesting games.

CuVee: We still have a match left. We’ll finish the match well and reach to the playoffs. I’m going to do my best.

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