Jin Air Teddy on the Demotion Match: "I never want to play that match again since I’ve played it once in the past. Also, I don't want my hair shaved off[by the head coach]."

On the 31st of July (KST) Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) defeated Griffin (GRF) 2:1. The current 1st place team, GRF had a hard time throughout the series. Especially, in game 3, they couldn’t stop JAG Teddy. Using Jhin, this bottom laner dominated lane phase and teamfights. The highlight was when he killed Lehends’ Morgana near the 40-minute mark. With the fight suddenly becoming a 5 vs 4, Teddy killed GRF’s remaining champions and led the JAG to victory.

After the match, JAG’s Grace and Teddy were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.  


How do you feel?

Grace: It’s a relief that we’ve won.

Teddy: Today, our mid laner performed well. He carried the game. All I did in game 3 was just gain kills.

Your Curtain Call was way too amazing to say you "just gained kills". Do you remember anything special about today’s game?

Grace: Our performance is sometimes really good. On the other hand, sometimes we underperform; it’s like that we have amnesia. I’m currently trying to figure out the reason.

How did you prepare for the matchup against Griffin?

Teddy: We told ourselves to not make mistakes. We also said, “Let’s prevent getting ganked in bottom.” However, we did get ganked. (laughs)


Were there any orders from the coaching staff before the match?

Grace: There was nothing special. They told us to not feel pressured and that we are capable of winning.


Grace’s LeBlanc seemed to gain the advantage after the mid gank.

Grace: We communicated before the gank. The team's focus was on the mid matchup.


On game 2, how did LeBlanc steal the Baron?

Grace: Normally, it should have been killed by Smite. However, I think that LeBlanc’s damage was stronger than the Smite damage. It wasn’t really planned for.


You seemed to dominate the early game with your Orianna. Are there any laning tips you want to share with us?

Grace: Orianna is strong in lane phase. I thought I wouldn’t be pressured by ganks as long as I have Cleanse.


In game 3, you went with the Fleet Footwork rune and built the Boots of Swiftness on Jhin. You seemed to completely dominate the game.

Teddy: I thought that I could win against anything as long as I had Orianna’s shield.


There were some dangerous moments near the Baron. How did you feel at that time?

Teddy: We planned to fall back after killing Sejuani, but because of Cho’Gath’s silence, we were delayed. I was afraid that something might go wrong.


Today, Jin Air delivered good performance. Do you have any goals?

Teddy: Since Griffin joins up well, I thought that we should do the same also. I think my teammates did well on this [about joining before fights].

If Jin Air can win a bit more, the team can avoid the Promotion/Demotion match.

Teddy: I never want to play that match again since I’ve played it once in the past. Also, I don't want to get my hair shaved off. 

notes: Jin Air Green Wing's head coach joked to Teddy that he'll shave his hair if he loses. 

Grace: My performance was awful. I have a lot of things to do for the team.


Your mother came to the stadium. Players say that if their mother comes to see them, they win. Can you say something to your mother?

Grace: Thank you and I love you. I hope you’ll come to see me again.

Any remarks on Jin Air’s future matchups?

Teddy: I’ll prepare more and try to win against the stronger teams.

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