L5 defeats MVP Miracle to secure the final ticket to BlizzCon

On September 25th, MVP Miracle faced off against L5 in the Super League 2016 Season 3 quarterfinals decider’s match at Sangam OGN eStadium. Although L5 lost the first game, they swept the rest of the series 3-1. L5 moves on to face MVP Black in the finals and secures their ticket to BlizzCon.

Game 1: Infernal Shrines

▶ Ban: Tyrael, Li-Ming
▶ Pick: Valla (sCsC), E.T.C. (Noblesse), Auriel (Swoy), Tychus (NacHoJin), Sonya (Jeongha)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Falstad, Arthas
▶ Pick: Illidan (Reset), Tassadar (Sniper), Brightwing (Darvish), Johanna (Ttsst), Sgt. Hammer (CrazyMoving)

L5 skillfully fended off Miracle’s Illidan-centric composition and started to gain an early lead. Though L5 lost a member in the first shrine teamfight, they did not lose nerve and secured a Punisher. L5 pushed through Miracle’s Sgt. Hammer and destroyed forts one by one with the help of their Punisher.

Backed into a corner, Miracle fought back with the sustain powers of double Support with Sgt. Hammer. While Miracle’s Illidan drew most of the attention, Hammer’s impressive damage output aided the team from the back. Illidan survived until the end and incessantly hunted down the remaining L5 players to win the first game of the match.

Game 2: Tomb of the Spider Queen

▶ Ban: Tyrael, Arthas
▶ Pick: Muradin (Noblesse), Thrall (Jeongha), Xul (NacHoJin), Uther (Swoy), Kael’thas (sCsC)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Valla, Falstad
▶ Pick: Johanna (Ttsst), Li-Ming (CrazyMoving), Rehgar (Darvish), Tassadar (Sniper), Sonya (Reset)

Both teams contested valiantly for control of the Webweavers. Although Miracle lost two members early, they successfully snuck in gems to summon first Webweavers. The mood seemed to favor Miracle when they took down a couple of L5 members who tried to fight back. Then Noblesse’s Muradin pulled off an amazing play by completely denying the enemy’s main Assassin, Li-Ming. Nonetheless, Li-Ming survived and Miracle took a boss for their own. In the final teamfight, Miracle destroyed the keep but made a critical mistake of overstaying their welcome. Jeongha’s Thrall and Muradin exploited the opportunity and caught most of Miracle in retreat. With four members of enemy team down, L5 marched across the map and destroyed the Core to tie the series 1-1.

Game 3: Sky Temple

▶ Ban: Illidan, Muradin
▶ Pick: Li-Ming (NacHoJin), Tyrael (Jeongha), Johanna (Noblesse), Rehgar (Swoy), Sgt. Hammer (sCsC)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: ETC, Falstad
▶ Pick: Valla (CrazyMoving), Brightwing (Darvish), Tassadar (Sniper), Leoric (Ttsst), Arthas (Reset)

L5 was all about teamfights in Game 3. While Miracle employed Brightwing to split soak, L5 gained a stronger edge in teamfights. Miracle’s strategy paid off in some ways with Brightwing sneaking in to get shots from the temples. Rehgar was caught out of position, and Miracle pressured bottom keep along with siege giants but met little success. L5’s Li-Ming and Sgt. Hammer easily cleared lanes and took a boss for the team after dropping the enemy Tassadar. Tyrael and Johanna outplayed Miracle by shutting off retreat paths, and the team took down the Core.

Game 4: Dragon Shire

▶ Ban: Illidan, Muradin
▶ Pick: Li-Ming (sCsC), Johanna (Noblesse), Falstad (NacHoJin), Tyrael (Jeongha), Auriel (Swoy)

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: E.T.C., Sgt. Hammer
▶ Pick: Valla (CrazyMoving), Brightwing (Darvish), Tassadar (Sniper), Arthas (Reset), Leoric (Ttsst)

L5 brought in the Archangel duo, Tyrael and Auriel, to advance to the finals. Both teams were very evenly matched in shrine teamfights. L5 picked off Valla in the bottom lane, but Miracle responded by taking a Dragon Knight. It was a close game, but L5 started to shift the winds of battle in their favor by focusing down Arthas when he tried to invade a mercenary camp. Along with the Dragon Knight, L5 destroyed the bottom and middle forts and was well on their way to victory. Out of the Dragon Knight came Johanna, drawing all the attention of Miracle, and L5 successfully ambushed their opponents. In the end, they won the teamfight thanks to a fantastic Sanctification from Jeongha’s Tyrael and clutch heals from Swoy’s Auriel. With Arthas’s location in mind, L5 initiated a teamfight around Johanna and secured the last Dragon Knight to demolish the middle lane and grab their spot in the grand finals.

HotS Super League 2016 Season 4 Quarterfinal Result

5th Match Final Score: L5 3 vs. 1 MVP Miracle

1st game: L5 L vs. W MVP Miracle Infernal Shrines
2nd game: L5 W vs. L MVP Miracle Tomb of the Spider Queen
3rd game: L5 W vs. L MVP Miracle Sky Temple
4th game: L5 W vs. L MVP Miracle Dragon Shire


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