[2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 2 Review] TSM is Falling Down

On the 29th of July, the leader of the 2018 NA LCS Summer split was narrowed to two teams. The champions and runner-up for the last split rose to the top again in this split; Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. TSM lost both games in week 6 and fell 6th with a 5-7 record.

Game 1 was TSM’s match. The game was neck and neck until the last minute, but with a mistake in judgment, TSM lost the game. After killing Hauntzer’s Gnar at the bottom lane, FlyQuest continued to take down TSM’s towers. TSM tried to recall, but Santorin’s Sejuani interfered, and FlyQuest destroyed TSM’s Nexus.

100 Thieves continued their flow in today’s game. In Game 2, although they were cornered by Counter Logic Gaming in the early game, they managed to turn the game around with their macro. Although the bottom lane wasn’t stable, the other lanes took care of the team and took the victory.

Another team is also performing well; the defending champion, Team Liquid. Team Liquid defeated Clutch Gaming and won both matches in week 6. Although they suffered through the meta change, as the meta started to smile again at the ADC champions, Team Liquid’s smile is also widening.

The teams that were in the last place rose up higher than expected. In game 4, Cloud9 defeated Echo Fox, and OpTic Gaming beat Golden Guardians. Cloud9 is now tied at 6th with a 5-7 record, and OpTic Gaming is at 5th with 6-6.

■ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 2 Results

Game 1: FlyQuest (W) vs Team SoloMid (L)
Game 2: 100 Thieves (W) vs Counter Logic Gaming (L)
Game 3: Team Liquid (W) vs Clutch Gaming (L)
Game 4: Cloud9 (W) vs Echo Fox (L)
Game 5: OpTic Gaming (W) vs Golden Guardians (L)

■ 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 2 Standings

1st  100 Thieves 8-4
1st  Team Liquid 8-4
3rd  Echo Fox 7-5
3rd  FlyQuest 7-5
5th  OpTic Gaming 6-6
6th  Counter Logic Gaming 5-7
6th  Team SoloMid 5-7
6th  Cloud9 5-7
6th  Golden Guardians 5-7
10th  Clutch Gaming 4-8

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    level 1 suprise_lizard


    Just a friendly reminder that Cloud 9 is listed as 5-6 but they should be 5-7.

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      level 15 Viion


      Sorry for the error, and thanks for pointing that out!

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