KT Score on Advancing to Second Place: "In order to proceed to second place, we had to root for SKT to win. We said that today is going to be ‘Easter’ for SKT. (laughs)"

On the 29th of July (KST), kt Rolster (KT) defeated bbq Olivers (BBQ) 2:0. Although KT swept the series, BBQ did have the early-game advantage in both games. However, KT remained solid in mid/late game. With Score stealing the Baron buff, KT came from behind and won game 1. Game 2 was also favorable for BBQ. This time, Deft stepped up with his Tristana. With Tristana gaining 3 kills in a mid-game teamfight, he outgrew the opponent Xayah. After securing the Baron buff, KT destroyed BBQ’s Nexus and closed down the series.

After the match, KT’s Score and Smeb were interviewed by SPOTV GAMES.


Q. How do you feel about today’s win?

Score: We did face some tough teams, but we still have more important matches left. I think we’re on a good start by winning today’s match 2:0. I’m happy.

Smeb: We were shaky on game 1, but I feel happy that we won the match 2:0.


Q. Mid Varus was picked. Was it prepared beforehand for a pick against Azir, or was it a spontaneous decision?

Score: In the past, I remember that Varus was good against Azir. That’s why after playing a few games, our head coach decided to use it on today’s match.


Q. BBQ was solid throughout the series. What are your thoughts on this?

Smeb: We made some mistakes in our mid-games and gave away the advantage. Still, we thought that as long as we can make use of our champion composition, we’d win. The team overcame it from the Baron steal.


Q. You stole the Baron. What did you think when you went into the Baron pit?

Score: I’m always confident when we’re on the ‘stealing side’. If it’s like this in other games, I think I’m always capable of stealing the Baron.


Q. There were some mistakes in game 1. What kind of feedbacks was there going into game 2?

Score: We were on the upper side, so we thought that we had to win. We played too safely which led to mistakes.


Q. Why do you pick Camille against picks such as Jayce and Gnar?

Smeb: Gnar and Jayce are champions that have to constantly deal damage. If you use Camille, before you get dominated by Gnar/Jayce, you can call for ganks or engage with Shen’s ultimate.


Q. On game 2 when Deft got a triple kill, your Camille was really good. What were the team calls?

Smeb: When I used Teleport and joined, the fight was already quite a mess. First, I focused on killing Sejuani. Then, with Deft, we killed the opponent one by one.


Q. The team seems to be more solid compared to the past. What has changed?

Smeb: We have a highly aggressive team style. That’s why the team thought that we had to play safer.


Q. Gen.G lost in the previous match, and KT won which makes KT second place. How do you feel?

Score: In order to proceed to second place, we had to root for SKT to win. We said that today is going to be ‘Easter’ for SKT. (laughs) Well, they managed to win and I’m happy that we’ve advanced to second place.


Q. What are your thoughts on the chance for the team to directly advance to the LCK finals?

Smeb: Now our schedule against tough teams are over. At that time, we thought, “If we lose a single game, we won’t make it to the playoffs.” We’ll try to maintain this mindset on our future matches as well.


Q. Any words for your fans?

Score: You know, obviously, I can steal the Baron. (laughs) I’d like to thank everyone who came to see us since the weather is really hot these days.

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