Riot Korea: “Detailed schedule and locations for Worlds 2018 will be announced soon; if early, next week.”

There’s good news for those who are looking forward to attending 2018 League of Legends World Championships. The detailed schedule and locations for the event will be announced soon; if early, mid next week.

This was a long wait compared to last year. The details for Worlds in China were announced on February 7th. However, for this year’s Worlds, the only information that was available until late July was that Worlds would be held in South Korea.

Complaints from people who were eager to attend were rising as the announcement was delayed so much. From NA, EU to South Korea is a 10+ hour flight, so precise planning is essential to those who want to visit; it was reasonable for them to be discontent. Also, many NA fans criticized that if the announcement is late, there will be trouble for sponsors as well.

On the reason everything was so late, Riot Korea said “To hold a big event like Worlds properly, the venue should be selected very carefully, considering technological issues, stage management, security, etc. Even if the venue fulfills all of the considerations, the original home sports team of the venue has priority. They’ve been using the venue regularly, so it was difficult to rent the venue even if it was for one of the biggest esports events like Worlds.”

They added, “Even so, we’re doing our best to rent the best space for the event, and we think that we’ll be able to let everyone know soon.”, and hinted that they would be able to announce the details around mid next week. The cities of the venues include Seoul and several other cities.

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