GEN CuVee: "I showed the fans today how good Gnar is as a champion. His pickrate will go up, and so will his skin sales!"

On the 26th, the 31st day of the ‘2018 LCK Summer Split’ took place. On the 2nd series of the day, Gen.G Esports defeated Griffin with a score of 2-0. Throughout the series, GEN displayed superior macro management over GRF -- allowing them to come out on top. Out of all the players on GEN, however, Ambition and CuVee performed exceptionally well, acting as the pivot of the team.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of today’s match, Ambition and CuVee, were invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

To begin, CuVee, what do you want to eat today?

CuVee: As long as it’s meat, I’m fine.

Ambition, congratulations on your 1,000th LCK kill. When looking at the data, we noticed that you had 500 kills as a midlaner and the other 500 as a jungler.

Ambition: It feels pretty good. Normally, I don’t really pay attention to the statistics, but the 1,000 kills show that I have been in the scene for a long time; and that I have been consistent.

Is there a specific kill that you remember?

Ambition: Not necessarily a kill, but a teamfight victory. It was so thrilling when my team won the final teamfight at Worlds last year. I remember a lot of moments where I died, but I don’t recall any memorable kills.

Today’s match was hard-fought.

CuVee: My hands were trembling during today’s match. When I was hitting the Nexus in game 2, I looked over at my base and was sure that we were going to lose.

CoreJJ mentioned that he was worried about his inability to land the WQ combo consistently on Alistar.

Ambition: Alistar was a good pick in game 1, and it was a pick that we had prepared beforehand. The enemy team was focusing on banning support champions during picks and bans, so that’s why we picked him.

Every time Trundle raised a pillar, the enemy burned their Flash.

Ambition: I focused on ganking the immobile champions of GRF. It ended with good results.

CuVee: As a toplaner, it feels great to have a jungler that watches out for me like Ambition had.

Did you frequently gank today for the purpose of securing your 1,000th kill?

Ambition: Before arriving at the stadium today, I was planning to gank frequently. In my recent games, I haven’t been ganking a lot, so I felt that the enemy was going to lower their guard.

CuVee’s performance on Gnar was extremely good. I think we’ve seen at least 10 amazing teamfights today.

CuVee: We constantly fought teamfights because there was no need for us to avoid them. However, we lost just as many teamfights.

Ambition: After making a mistake in game 2, our team lost confidence in winning the teamfights. But in that moment, Gnar absorbed a lot of the enemy’s aggression, and it allowed us to continue with our lead.

In a game where a team’s macro management is solely dependent on only a few select champions within a team, I heard that those who died early in teamfights give great shotcalls that is immensely helpful for the team.

CuVee: The players that died normally keep track and give information to those who are still alive. For example, the enemy team’s summoner spell cooldown.

Today’s match will definitely be remembered. Both teams played the teamfights really well.

Ambition: Since we had the lead, in a way, we should’ve won the fights with ease. That’s why I think Griffin is a team that is very strong in teamfights. They fought really well.

Three players in GEN started the game with Gathering Storm. Did you intend to draw out the game?

CuVee: When I’m setting up my runes, I tend to pick runes that act like “insurance” for me in the late game.

Any last words?

Ambition: We’ll do our best so that we can finish the regular season with good results. We’ll try our best to at least make playoffs.

CuVee: I showed the fans today how good Gnar is as a champion. His pickrate will go up, and so will his skin sales! (Laughs)

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