[LCK Summer Day 31 Review] With a Total 9 Games for Day 31, SKT-Hanwha-Afreeca Each Defeats BBQ-Jin Air-MVP 2:1

On the 25th of July (KST), SKT T1-Hanwha Life Esports-Afreeca Freecs each secured a win in the 2018 LCK Summer split Day 31. 

Match 1, game 1 went favorably for SKT. BBQ's Camille-Trundle-Galio joined near top and attempted a dive against Thal's Jayce.  However, Blank ran to top for a backup and managed to counter BBQ's dive. 

Afterward, SKT won a fight near the Drake pit and eventually secured a Baron buff near the 27-minute mark. They soon destroyed BBQ's mid inhibitor and won another teamfight near bottom lane to close down the game. 

BBQ dominated game 2. SKT's main focus was on Thal's Kennen. However, before he hit his power spikes, BBQ's laners gained the advantage and started to snowball.  For the last game for the series, SKT picked some aggressive picks and tried to snowball early.  Using their advantage, they consecutively destroyed BBQ's mid and bottom tier 1 turret.  Pirean also delivered remarkable performance near the Baron pit. This made the opponent fall back. With the Baron on their side, SKT soon destroyed BBQ's Nexus. 

The Second match was Hanwha Life Esports against Jin Air Green Wings. On game 1, Hanwha's aggressive plays backfired and they gave away the game to Jin Air. However, on game 2, SeongHwan was solid on his Trundle and dominated the early-game.

With Hanwha tying the series, they seemed to have gained momentum for the last set; Hanwha delivered some solid early-game performance. Going into game 3, they quickly gained first blood.  Their mid laner, Lava also helped the team out with a solo-kill from her Zoe.  The team soon destroyed the opponent's top and mid tier 2 turret. Using their Baron buff, Hanwha destroyed Jin Air's Nexus and won the series. 

With their top laner recovering from surgery, MVP used a very unique strategy in game 1 against Afreeca Freecs; Max headed to top lane using Mordekaiser and Ian, who picked Karthus, went to bottom lane. In addition to their highly surprising composition, their bottom laner Pilot went for 'Smite Tristana'. This strategy was a complete success. Tristana gained kills in early-game and managed to hit her power spikes.

Using their '3 Smite composition', MVP headed to Baron and initiated a fight. Kiin's Gnar did perform well, but it was hard to stop MVP. After winning this teamfight, MVP started to snowball quickly. By starting their fights with Karthus' ult, Pilot's Tristana was able to jump into Afreeca's champions to deal damage.  

However. Afreeca did not fall for it again. On game 2, MVP used Heimerdinger as top and again picked Tristana for their main carry role. This time, using Camille-Trundle-Alistar, Afreeca managed to succeed in their early-game dives. Similar to game 1, MVP went for the Baron. But, Afreeca's champions had already outgrown MVP and managed to win a huge fight to tie the series. 

On game 3, Kiin's Gangplank dominated the matchup against Max's Singed. In early lane phase, he managed to already go past 50 CS. Although Afreeca's bottom/mid lane had a tough time and gave away some points, it wasn't enough to stop Kiin's Gangplank. Spirit's Gragas helped out as well by succeeding a mid and bottom gank. Eventually, MVP tried to turn it around by going for Baron. However, Afreeca scored an Ace on that teamfight and closed down the series. 

Series 1: bbq Olivers vs. SK Telecom T1 < 1-2 >

Game 1: BBQ (L) vs. SKT (W)
Game 2: BBQ (W) vs. SKT (L)
Game 3: BBQ (L) vs. SKT (W)
Series 2: Hanwha Life Esports vs. Jin Air Green Wings <2 -1 >

Game 1: HLE (L) vs. JAG (W)
Game 2: HLE (W) vs. JAG (L)
Game 3: HLE (W) vs. JAG (L)

Series 3: Afreeca Freecs vs. MVP < 2 - 1 >

Game 1: AFs (L) vs. MVP (W)
Game 2: AFs (W) vs. MVP (L)
Game 3: AFs (W) vs. MVP (L)

▣ 2018 LCK Summer Split Standings

1. Griffin 10-3 (+12)
2. kt Rolster 9-4 (+9)
3. Gen.G Esports 9-4 (+6)
4. Kingzone DragonX 8-5 (+5)
5. Afreeca Freecs 8-6 (+6)
6. Hanwha Life Esports 7-6 (+3)
7. SKT T1 6-7 (-2)
8. MVP 4-10 (-11)
9. Jin Air Green Wings 3-10 (-12)
10. bbq Olivers 2-11 (-16)

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