'Esports Access' -- UCI Holds Esports Camp for Students Who Dream of Working in the Esports Scene

An ‘Esports Access’ camp was held in UCI. This camp is the third this year, following Overwatch Bootcamp and Girls in Gaming.

Starting from the 23rd of July, UCI Esports Center held a camp on esports with high school students from Orange County. The invited lecturers were people in the esports scene, delivering in-depth lectures on the scene.

On the first day, scholarship players from UCI were invited; two from League of Legends, and two from Overwatch. The topic was on competitive gaming, and they received close attention from camp attendees.

InvenGlobal Nick D’Orazio had a lecture on esports journalism on the second day. The title was ‘How to become an esports journalist’. Nick talked about his last five years of experience in the esports scene and spoke of the important values of an esports journalist.

What Nick emphasized was that "Journalists shouldn't be forced to write articles. Journalists should write what they really care about", and told the students that they should write about what they truly love.

The following lecture was by 100 Thieves content creator, Marc Urbino. As the esports scene was growing with the inflow of NBA capital, esports teams began to grow more. Naturally, content creators’ responsibilities grew.

Meanwhile, Nick, who gave a lecture on this day said, “I’m happy to talk to the students about esports journalism. I hope there will be more of these camps and more young students can dream of becoming a part of the esports scene.”

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