Bengi, this is your last match playing with Faker.

Bengi: To think it's our last... well, I'm not feeling much [laughs].

Faker: Since it's our last, I hope Bengi can carry. Like, completely hard carry [smiles].


Most of you have left your old teams. How does that influence your approach to All-Stars?

MadLife: I guess All-Stars is a job interview for me [laughs]. So I'll do my best.

PraY: I'm sad that I had to part with teammates I've played with for such a long time. But I'm sure everyone will do well. As for All-Stars, I'm here to have fun.

Smeb: I'm also sad that I can't play together with my old teammates, and want to have fun at All-Stars.

Bengi: I'm of the mindset that perhaps [All-Stars] will help me get a new job.


Any champions you want to nerf on this patch?

MadLife: Katarina.

PraY: Faker. [laughs]

Faker: Too many champions have been nerfed. I don't think more will be good.

Smeb: The summoner spell Ghost.

Bengi: LeBlanc. It's so scary when the enemy has LeBlanc and you have to enter a brush. Can't she be just removed from the game? [laughs]


To Faker: If you had moved overseas this year, why would you have?

Faker: For the experiences that come from living and playing elsewhere. Recently, I've been thinking more favorably about playing on a foreign team. If the gap closes between Korea and other regions, playing overseas will definitely be an option.


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